Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What is your Shoe Personality?

Here are the personality types depending upon the choice of your shoes:

Bare Foot: If you like being bare foot, they are attractive, carefree, happy and a little careless. They have instant solutions for their friend’s problems. They spread happiness where ever they go.

Flip Flops: they are energetic, gutsy, and honest. They are trust worthy and turn out to be true friends.

Platform Heels: They are Fashion conscious and comfort conscious at the same time. They are independent and don’t like to sling on people.

Closed front Flats Shoes: they take life very easily. They are very honest and hard working. They like playing pranks.

Ballerinas: they follow the rituals and traditions religiously. They are Daddy's girls and very intelligent when it comes to studies. They are polite, soft spoken and had working.

Pointed court shoes: they are very responsible and responsibility seeking. They can find a easy way out in any circumstances. They cannot work in an organised manner though but still they get work done by hook or crook.

Clogs: they work very slowly, but they are not lazy. They are hard working and spiritual. But their lives are messy.

Sneakers: they are cool headed and relaxed. They are open minded and conscious about their health and body. They like updating their knowledge. And they know about the latest trends.

Peep Toes/ Front Open Shoes: these are very attractive and generally attract everyone's attention.

High Heels: they are very confident. They can solve multi problems simultaneously. They have certain goals in life. They have power and status.

Flats: they are open-minded. They are independent decision makers. Women undertaking creative careers are inclined towards flats. They give more importance to comfort than fashion.

So what is your Shoe Personality??

9 blandishes:

Ria said...

Now thats a tough one coz most of these shoes r my favorites. If i had to name them then here are my favorites:

Flip Flops
Platform Heels
Peep Toes/ Front Open Shoes

See, now u get it...its so very confusing!! :P :)

readersdais said...

join ria,if one has all,whats the person?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this.I love flip flops.

Anonymous said...

I Love my flops through the summer but there is nothing like putting on a HOT pair of HEELS!! I love my shoes!

AD said...

i think i m a combo of flats n high heels :D

Girl Next Door said...

Hey ! That was interesting... I think I'm moreinclined towards Flip-Flops and Flats :)

яノςんム said...

lolz guys, even i wear all kinds of shoes, so we r pretty unpredictable ppl and fashion conscious too :)

sonali said...

blend of sneakers and high heels, lol..

Anna Tru said...

I think I have a multiple personality disorder!! :D