Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bindaas Bol

This is a rant special post. So all you people out there feel free to write anything that u want to talk about. It could be about anything; like work, life, friends, parents, pets, things or anything thats bothering you right now.

If nothing's bothering then also u can talk about how peaceful are u feeling at this moment. But do mention the reason behind ur current state of mind. :) So go ahead people. Express yourself.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The 'Femme Fatale'

The sky growled and it thundered loudly. The earth was damp with heaven’s waters. Not a care of the world. She enjoyed it all, every drop of it. It was something she felt very close to. Rain… when her femininity seemed to come alive and take over her completely. The look in her eyes maddened him. He leapt to grab her hand, push her close to him but she escaped narrowly. Laughing and giggling, her eyes danced as the sound of her laughter spread like magic in the air. She was playing hard to get. The little crazy creature had him running after her for days, a trance that was taking over him with every passing day. He had to have her! There was no end to this madness that now raged within him like a wild fire. She was an amalgamation of beauty, femininity and something so vividly sexy. Her alluring mass of long, thick hair reminded him of wild waves… proud and powerful. Her eyes looked like innocence captured on canvas to the very perfection of a human hand.  But wait… she was giving him that look again… oh when she looked at him like that! Her eyes turned wicked now. It was a challenge. She was part angel, part devil, and the way she changed with them was what turned him on. She knew this game too well. Up until now, he charmed the very alluring of women, casting a spell on them till they could no longer bear to be without him. They flocked around him, some fought over him, some cheated for him, some claimed to have found a deeper meaning to love. But he knew it was pure lust, mere desires of the body, that were as momentary as they could really be. His fleeting affairs with the very “sought after” women had blessed him with an arrogant air about him. He was the kind of person who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer… but the beauty that his eyes beheld seemed to take immense pride in breaking every shred of manly ego he had in him when it came to his sensuality. He was frustrated now… she was enjoying this.

“Listen to me!” he called out to her. She heard him alright, but she didn’t stop. She was pacing fast now, going further and further away. He followed her, deciding not to give in if that was what she wanted him to. Two steps more and she looked back. A smile at the end of her full lips and that touch of naughtiness in her eyes lighted something in him again. She walked in a steady rhythm now, a proud rhythm with sensual movements clearly visible as the rain drenched her on and on. He was under a spell. He knew he had let go of even the very last bit of pride in him by following her like that. But he was doing it, partially amazed at his helplessness.

It thundered again. He knew a chance when it came. He leapt forward, grabbed her by her tiny wrist and pulled her towards himself. He grinned to himself as her eyes looked at him in bewilderment. She put on a brave face and met his eyes boldly. The eyes were doing it again. With a blink they were soft, like a baby’s, but continued to grow aware of their power as the gaze held longer. He was watching her now. Closely. The way her damp hair fell on her face… tiny drops of water trickling down her high cheekbones, down onto the earth from her delicate chin… Strangely, she smelled of the fragrance of damp earth… no... She smelled of jasmines… it was hard to make out. Her eyes blazed with a passion new to him. He had only seen weak women till now, the ones that were weak at heart and character, the ones who’d do anything to get him for a one night stand, hence his low opinion of women. But this girl seemed to challenge his entire knowledge about the female sex. She was hard to get, harder to soften up, impossible to tame. She had an air of dignity; an inner strength one couldn’t help sensing. Yet she seemed like the rest, alluring, sensual, suave. She knew the power she had over him and she knew the art of using it. Yes, it was an art for her. She was like a painter, painting his heart with a new color with wild strokes of her brush that almost killed him each time. Her full lips had an enticing delicacy to them that added to the glamour she shone with. He had never felt so numbed. He had never known the power of a woman over him. Had it been anyone else, he would have found himself in a momentary complex, yet she had a strange grace that whispered all his fears off. It was her “saving grace”, he decided to call it that. His arrogance faded and he softly let her hand go. She blew a kiss and she laughed and walked away, enjoying the rain as an innocent child would… wild and free.

She was “femme fatale”… in the best of the meanings. She could slay his heart with one look if she wanted to… yet she chose to show him something he never knew. She knew how to create magic; she knew well how to burn something wild and unforgiving in him. Her body could create desires untamed, yet her generosity could rouse a love that also knew how to gain respect and admiration.

She was, in every way, a woman. The perfect femme fatale.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's day

Okay so the Sri Ram Sena is screwing the basic fundamental rights of our nation. women are unjustly and beaten up for attending pubs [read Mangalore incident] its sad and atrocious thing to have happened. those men should just be castrated and hanged till death. however, not all men are bad surely we all have loving fathers and naughty but nice brothers, great [male] friends and how can i forget handsome charming boyfriends, lets not forget the great men who outweigh the morons who dared to take law onto their hands and create a havoc with the lives of all those who choose to live life their own way. chal enough being said about all that. just don't let these slugs dampen your lovey-dovey mood, just chill maar and masti kar..

All those not in love yet, can pamper themselves. hey after all its day of love, you can love yourself right? go on girls, just have a blast and please, don't sit back and pretend this day doesn't exist or you are immune to such things. be a la madhuri dixit of dil toh pagal hai, and pamper yourself with chocolates and teddies, if not try the hair cut or a nice soak of warm water followed up with a home made manicure, for tips look out for our beauty segment from our labels. guys who still single, please id advice you not to jump the gun and propose the next girl coming your way, its too tacky, but hey you can short list her and propose to her at a later date and throw a dramatic dialogue- "i don't need a Valentine's day to profess my feelings for you.." I'm sure ladki maan jayegi :P nahi toh mujhey mat marna haan...please!! :P :D!!

And you love birds, throw caution to the air, be a lil uninhibited and share the moment of love, sneaking a kiss or two wouldn't be all that bad, and if you are okay with it.. you can go all the way.. hey I'm just suggesting... don't take offence, one must state options na... :D!! As for my plans? I'm going to test my cooking skills tomorrow, after all I'm going to prepare lunch for Samik. god help me! :D :P anyway, i just thought id wish all my friends in FEMME FATALE and all those who read and drop in their valuable comments regularly and consistently a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Have a rocking day and have fun! live, love and let love!! LD

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wish ur Valentine with a Choco Cake

With the V-day approaching around the corner, I know you all guys out there are thinking of something sweet and refreshing to wish ur valentine with. Try baking a cake for him/her.
Chocolates have been and shall continue being one all time hit love expression, and when it is a Choco cake, and home-made, it becomes even special.
I am hereby sharing a recipe of my own, a tried, tested and for sure yummy one to help you with the Gift ideas.

All purpose floor (maida)- 1 and 1/3 cup,
Sugar- 1 and half cup,
cocoa powder- 4 tablespoons,
Baking powder- 1 teaspoon,
Vanilla Extract- 1 teaspoon,
Butter- 3/4th cup,
Some boiling water,
Eggs- 3,
Choco chips,
Chopped walnuts - to garnish.

1. In a bowl mix flour, add sugar, cocoa pwd, baking pwd and vanilla extract.
2. In another bowl, beat eggs, butter and boiling water together.
3. Now, mix all the ingredients to make a smooth batter, beat for few minutes.
4. Add choco chips and nuts.
5. Bake in a preheated oven 350 degrees F or 180 degrees C for 20-30 mins
in a Microwave for about 8 minutes.

For frosting, let the cake cool first, then, melt some Chocolate sauce and pour over the cake and garnish with Nuts and also sprinkle some cherries.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beauty care regime

I have never been too girlie in life. In childhood when often girls are made to put sandalwood and lep and uptan, I used to run about in the sun, with no care in the world. My skin got burnt, my long beautiful hair was often left open and exposed to dust and pollution. So the moral of the story is, better late than never. I don’t boast of a great skin, neither of a fair complexion nor of beautiful thick hair and not of height or figure. So I’m not really the one to impart beauty tips here but then there are a few things I learnt that helped me make the most of what I have, and all this is because I want to take care of myself and not because I need to look good for someone else. What we girls need to do is do things for the right reasons to keep ourselves happy.

I mean think of it. How many of us will stand in our bathroom looking at ourselves while taking a bath? Not many. Why? Because we are shy and timid and thinking of ourselves as people who deserve attention. Don’t get me wrong I’m not meaning this in a perverse sense but just trying to state a point here. When we try to groom ourselves, we do so because we want to look presentable and appreciable to the world and not because we want to. Here lies the problem. For once if we did what we wanted to do, or did it for the right reasons such problems wouldn’t come in the way for our progress. So here are a few things you can do to take care of yourself even amidst hectic lives, presentation at office, or labs and classes at college or even those final years of school. Young, old all can take best benefits of such home remedies that are not only cost effective but will save a whole day that most set aside in a month for that much needed time at the beauty parlors. and with Valentines Day just a week or so later, i guess everyone wants to do the extra bit to look great right? and for all those whoa re singles, look great because you are beautiful yourself not for anyone.. here everyone is happy :D

If you have a dark complexion or even fair to make it fairer, you can opt for basen. Now all you need is to get 100 gms of basen and can it. And every time before you go for a bath, make a paste of basen and water or milk, and apply it on your face and leave it till dry and wash it off. It helps to control excess oil on the face, makes your complexion lighten shades, and makes your skin glow. And don’t complain that you don’t really have all that time, for you can easily switch on the geazer, and while the water is getting warmed, you can apply besan do the ironing and arrange the clothes to wear and then wash it off, it is not time consuming at all.

For sun burns or dark patches on the face cut a segment of tomato and apply it on the face. Rub it on your face, elbows and knees until all that is left is a scrap of what you had taken. Leave it till dry and then wash it off. Tomato is natural bleach and makes you skin look really healthy.

For all sorts of marks on the face, whether it is remains of a pimple or some blister you have disturbed apply sandalwood paste, it works wonders and it can keep all the expensive cosmetics at bay.

For body care, take a day out when you have some time to spare, you can take maida and milk and make a paste of sorts and apply everywhere, knees, elbows hands feet etc. this helps you clean the dirt that always tend to settle down and make it presence felt.

For feet care, after a long day when you are reading a book or surfing the net or even watching tv or talking to a friend on the phone. Get water heated, put a few drops of shampoo and get a scrubber with a pumice stone. Let you feet get adjusted to the hot water [not lukewarm] for sometime and then scrub the heels with the pumice stone and soon you will see that the hard skin on the heels that leads it to cracks in winters are coming off with no special efforts. In no time you have a nice supple heel with no money spent on pedicures not just that, it helps you with blood circulation and relaxation of muscles and takes away your daily stress and fatigue in no time.

The methods mentioned above are not only inexpensive, less time consuming but are easy to do as well. So whether you are living in a hostel or home, you can afford to take time out and take care of yourself, not because you need to look acceptable to the world or that special someone but for yourself and your well being.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentines Day Special

Buying gifts are such a damn frustrating job that i cant tell you! specially if you are in a relationship for 4 and more years... with birthdays and anniversaries and not to forget Valentines Day thrown in lack of gifting items are something that totally does me in. In case you are a guy and reading this, yes you will too be rewarded to my best abilities on gifting ideas for women but ladies, don't fret i had some ideas up my sleeve for you too. READ, LEARN and DROP me some ideas too :)

Just For The Ladies: gifts for men:

Perfumes~a nice perfume may cost a lot but then if you think you can just go for it then perfumes make a good buy

Wallets~ they are useful and classy, a good leather wallet can come within Rs1000 and can do a bit steeper too but depends on from where you buy it

Watches~ Fastracks are a good idea, but if you are willing to shell out say 1500 onwards

Tee shirts~now most guys love brands, so if you are like looking for a tee to gift, first peer into your wallet and decide, a branded tee can come anywhere from rs800-1000 bucks, if not you can go for trendy caption tee's or get him printed one with you and his picture from customized shops like Preston,available in any malls

Shirts~ a good formal/satin shirts [for office parties or semi formal outings] come within 1200-1500 and that too in brands, if you are not a brand person formal shirts come in as less as 200.. so pick according to your pocket

Jacket~if he is the sporty types, a good jacket can be a good idea, specially since the end of season sale is on , so you may just get a good bargain.

CD's~ a mushy one may not be liked by him,so stick to his preference and gift him rock or metal whatever he prefers to hear

Ties- a good tie comes always handy, specially one doesn't really spend a bomb on things like ties, it wont be bad to get him a nice tie, you can always be naughty and suggest other uses of ties if the official purpose doesn't really impress him?! *wink*

Cufflinks~ these maybe are too formal but those whose guys are working, the use maybe sparse but the gift will be for keeps forever.

Rings~ if you are in a long term relationship, you can go for a mock engagement ring of sorts in silver its pocket friendly and can come within budget of rs 1000 and it is long lasting too

Books~ remember only to gift him books if he likes reading books and not because you want to gift him something you like reading..

Sunglasses~ they can be a great idea if he likes wearing them... Fasttrack does have a good collection

A small tip, if your guy is the sensitive kind he will appreciate hand made products, like cards, collage. book or other stuff but if he is not, DO NOT WASTE TIME to Make him something, most often guys are not that kicked by handmade products like we girls are, most likely they will just see it once, smile and then it will find its way to the bin sooner or later.

Now for the Gentlemen: gifts for the Ladies:

Stuffed toys~ these are a good bet, for almost every girl loves it. its a sure shot winner

Books~ most girls love books, you can choose from a huge array of genres btu buy something that she loves reading

CD's~ you can gift her the many compilations of love songs available in the market. or you could gift her the DVD of her favourite movie, say Jab We Met.
Mugs~ why a mug? well she could remember you when she drank her first cuppa in the morning, a nice thought to begin a day.. isn't it?

Costume Jewellery- you could gift her pendants or earrings or rings, in silver or metal, they are classy and who doesn't like a little bling now and then, gifting items like jewellery adds the personal touch to the gifts.

Clothes~ gift her something she wears, if she is a kurta person Fabindia or Khadi Rs 200 onwards is a good bet so is west side. for tee's you can opt for Westside, Pantaloons or Shoppers Stop. price starts from 199 onwards. if you the traditional types, a Saree wouldn't be a bad idea but depends if she is the one to wear them. and how you get her measurements is your headache not mine.. :P

Bags and wallets~ these are a rage with girls, the more the merrier; so even if you give her another bag or wallet she will always praise and appreciate you, you just cant go wrong.

Cosmetics~ buy only if you are sure of the brands she uses or if you can afford a branded one, because cosmetics are risky things because bad cosmetics gives rise to skin rashes and problems. now you don't want her to curse you for life, do you??

Now cards and chocolates and flowers are cliche but they are a great add ons, you can just use them too to just add the romantic element to the whole gift receiving experience. Guys can always make something for the girl, from baking a cake or writing a letter or making a card, girls love sentimental and customized things, so go out of your way to do something by yourself to show her that she is worth all the effort!

~ if you are working and can afford to buy more expensive things then you can consider Ipods, Cellphones etc.

~But remember to buy things that he/she will like not what you would want him/her to have. and try and give gifts that reflect that you have given a lot of thought to the whole event and not just spent money on things to buy for an occasion.


the author of this post doesn't take responsibility for any untoward experience, loss of money of valuables, bad buys or showers of abuses or bad reactions that may come your way. think before acting, these gifting ideas are relative can differ from person to person. :D :P

hey I'm in need for advice myself.. do you think you can suggest something for me? :)