Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am proud being born a Girl..

My recent visit to Red Cross split my heart into pieces.. That just inspired me to scribble a few lines.. Warning: I am a "no-poet" guys!!

I am a girl...

The first ray breaking the dawn,

The smiling dew drop in the morning,

The fragrance of the flowers,

The dim moonlight at nights....

Weaving dreams in colours of rainbows,

An artist's inspiration,

Direction to a lost soul,

A daughter, a sister,

A friend, a wife,

A soothing mother....

The heights of Kalpana and Sunita,

The velocity of PT Usha,

The strategies of Indira,

The struggles of Medha,

The strengths of Arundhati and Jhumpa...

Dad's Senorita,

Mom's angel,

Abandoned in a dust bin,

Scratched by strays,

Synonym for devotion,

Craving for affection...

Please save the girl child from foeticide and being abandoned.

P.S. Originally posted a while ago at my blog.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Putting on sexy lingerie boosts your body image and bolsters how beautiful you are. Even the most conservative girls may admit to feeling more sensual wearing silk instead of flannel to bed. Yes to an extent the whole dish dosh is about stirring in men the eroticism that surpasses all other reasons but the real element is feminine confidence that outshines superficial comparisons and makes a woman believe in her unique and enticing internal and external beauty.

Men indeed are drawn by the erotic glow of sexuality but the confidence too, thus, looking good for our man in the bedroom is an integral part of the whole romance glam. What I personally feel about lingerie is that, it makes me feel incredibly sexy, incredibly wanted and just so loved. They will say I am mad, but I say 'I am crazy about me'. I do go out of my way to buy me satin sheets and I sleep alone on it. I don't have to show my femininity off all the time!

The feel of smooth satin and sexy lace against my skin makes me tingle with pleasure. I can imagine how out of his mind my partner will be if he sees me so confident carrying it off.

A sexy piece of lingerie does marvel for a woman's confidence, as well as impress her man. I can see me clad in a black suit, really professional on the outside and beneath the layers clad in ultra sexy lingerie making me all so feminine with the right balance of professionalism, and when I get home to a man waiting like a lion to be served in his den, ooh boy my mind is on a roll…

Girls, there is nothing worse than buying lingerie which is totally unfit for your body type. Bits squishing out from here and there, baggy, too tight or too loose is just not the key to confidence booster or highlighted body image.

Garters are just for tall women. They accentuate the impression that the long legs run up to the armpits. It is a sexy lingerie staple but not all women should go there.

A voluptuous, big-busted girl needs a corset support to bring out her cleavage in a very naughty yet noticeable manner. Corsets were designed to minimize the waist and flatten the stomach but also giving the body the right proportions.

A sexy little negligee, suits more voluptuous women and hides a mass of sins. A baby doll teddy will easily hide a big tummy or butt, and you can feel at ease knowing you still look beautiful showing off other assets. Strictly for married women who are tired of giving birth after birth. No single girls should get naughty now.

Sexy boy shorts add curves to an athletic figure and accentuate a great butt. They are explicitly for nice bottoms, as they draw all the attention there due to their horizontal lines and broad cut. Strictly for athletically slim girls.

I can never do without a robe, because the feel of satin blows my mind off. It adds mystery too to what lies beneath the surface.

Girls do keep in mind:

* Nothing should cling to parts you prefer were hidden, such as a big belly or thighs. Loose and flowing fabric enhances curves but doesn’t stick and should be picked for better femininity and confidence.

* Always enhance and draw attention to the best assets, be it her breasts, bottom, legs, tummy or shoulders. But decide on which is it. If you are too confused ask but don’t predict.

* Dark colors are slimming, while light colors draw attention to potential bulges. Kapeesh?

* If you are short you can gain length by having slits in the sides of gowns and negligees. Truly that adds to so much drama.


Be sure that you own the basic colors; white, red and black. Blondes look great in pastel colors, but brunettes need stronger colors to set the flame on, like emeralds and sapphires. Redheads are set off by green, blue and earthy tones.


I prefer lace or satin any day. There is a range to choose from when buying lingerie, such as lace, satin, silk, cotton, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), leather, lycra, and velvet. Lace, satin and silk are considered “safe purchases” because they are very feminine, not too wild or over-the-top and feel beautiful on the skin. Cotton is a tad boring, though there are some lovely pieces available in this fabric. Cotton is what women buy for themselves to wear every day, and I still don’t, so to buy it for something special is a little against the point. Don’t go near Cotton Please.

PVC is daring, though it can be difficult to find it in the right size, as it’s not a very flexible material and can produce bags and sags in all the wrong places. Lycra is very tight and bulges can be a bit too obvious, so beware. Velvet is also very nice on the skin and can be very sexy, making it also a reasonably safe choice. Lastly, when deciding on the lingerie’s fabric, always touch it before buying it; if you like it, only buy it then.

As a woman, you know how fabulous you feel on a good hair day. If you have wonderful pieces of lingerie don’t you think you will really be happier? Does the tight and ill fitting piece not get to you and your flesh? Do you not want to be comfortable?

Please own a sheer sexy nightwear, even if it is a pajama suit, every night could be a version of a good hair day then. It definitely gives you a better night's sleep. It is tried and tested.

Brands to Look Out For:

Sweet Nothings Lingerie


3 Wishes

Her Room

Chic Mystique

La Perla

Fig Leaves

Bare Necessities

Victoria's Secret

La Senza

Sunday, April 26, 2009

And God Pleased...

“Is everything o.k.?” Marya questioned the doctor as he approached.

“Everything could have been just perfect if the timing was rite Mrs. Salman….” His voice trailed off as he spoke.

“You see your husband was admitted here an hour after the accident and that seems to be creating a problem.”

The doctor didn’t look all that happy to narrate what he was. “Too much of blood has been drained and there is no saying as to what will happen when he wakes up. He hasn’t opened his eyes since we got him here, so all you can do is pray and plead that he wakes up soon.”

He turned to walk away when Sonia pulled at his hand. “Doctor! Doctor! Where is my Papa’s room, where is he?” The doctor asked Marya if it was her child and she nodded with tearful eyes, stroking her hair.

“Mommy you wait here I will get Ally.” For a four year old she was smart. “Ok honey but make sure you are careful.”

“Yes mommy I will!” She turned to face the doctor. “So doctor, what are the options before us?”

“Well the best one is that he needs to be given blood, but B positive, we’ve run out of stock… so!...”

“My blood Group is B positive.” “But Mrs. Salman you just had your delivery a month ago, how do you ….” “Doctor I said I will give him blood, whether or not like it or medical science approves it. He needs it more than I do rite now. My body is amply making it for me, a bottle or two won’t kill me.”

“Well that is the part; there is no saying what complications it will cause for you. I don’t care; I don’t even want to care about it. He's the father to my kids and without him we don’t have a life, so please, don’t make it difficult for me or my kids.”

Sonia came along with her Granny and the stroller. “What does the Doctor say Marya,” “Mummy, he just says that he wont take my blood that is all.” “What do you mean he won't take your blood, does Salman need blood?” She was a bit startled “Yes he does!... Marya tried keeping her cool “And the hospital is out of B positive supplies. I want to but he says I just had a child so it wouldn't be safe.”

She turned away not ready to face what her mother-in-law would say “He is rite, you are weak rite now. And there is no way that I would want you to give yourself in for my son.” “Mummy….” Marya turned to have eye contact with her, “your son happens to be my husband, the man I love, the man I’ve loved for ever. Asking God for him hasn’t been easy. It has been a tough road and after so much of ups and downs, you expect me to give it all in so easily? No mummy! That is what I can't do; I can't abandon a soul I asked for from God, please! Tell the doctor to take my blood, please.”

Marya was in tears, desperately crying her heart out before her mother-in-law. Mummy stroked Marya’s head and said, “My son is lucky, very lucky, he didn’t deserve you, but … Doctor please, listen to her, get everything ready for it.” Marya smiled and hugged her mom. “Thank you, thank you.” she turned to Sonia, “Now Sonia you be a good girl and take care of Ally, see that Grandma doesn’t have to go through too much troubles taking care of him, assist her wherever and whenever she needs to be assisted ok”.

Sonia blankly looked at her mom, “But mommy where are you going, you need to be here and take care of Ally, it's his feeding time, changing time, I can't manage without you, you are his mom, not me.” “Sonia Honey, I am going to get your daddy, ok. You want him back don’t you?” Sonia was pale-faced, “Yes mommy I do. I do.” She ran into her mom’s arms and sobbed hard, “I want both of you back. Please mummy I want both of you.” “Sonia, stay with grandma and pray ok.” Marya smiled and turned to walk into the theatre, take care and she blew a flying kiss to her kids. Stopped to just have an eyeful of Ally, still an infant yet, staring at his mom with concern.

She was laid right next to Salman’s bed; she starred at the lifeless body that lay there, so calm and so quiet, without any pains. Tears rolled down her eyes, just to think of that she wouldn’t make it somehow. She knew she was weak, yet she knew she couldn't lose it on Salman, he could well support everything, better than her, and he was the best.

The bottle collected from her was transmitted into Salman’s body, after which, he slowly started regaining; breathing through his mouth, movement, the doctor noticed the difference. After a bottle, Marya herself became weak, her B.P. was dropping fast, yet it was her instructions that the doctor had to take as much blood as was required, and not less. So the doctor was bound to listen. At the end of the second bottle, Marya was totally unconscious; iron was released in her blood stream. She tried to keep up, but fell asleep.

When she woke up, she felt as though she was floating in air, she couldn't believe what the sensation was about. She turned to look around, in order to get things to register in her head and as soon as she made eye-contact with Salman, everything came back to her. “Salman” she managed to whisper and trying to get up, but in vain, she was too weak even to raise her head. “It's okay Marya, stay down, don’t get up,” he himself sat up, now too strong and alright to move. “How long has it been?” “Ten hours.”

“You mean I have been dead for 10 hours.” “I need to rush, Ally needs to be fed.” “Marya, no! I’ll tell the nurse to get him ok.” She smiled, ok. Salman rang the calling bell and the nurse rushed for assistance. “Yes sir! Could you get our son from the waiting area?” “Yes I know he is there, has been crying wild.” Marya was all of a sudden too concerned, but just managed to point to Salman that she wanted him. Salman ordered the nurse away. She hurried back and lay Ally on Marya’s side. The nurse assisted Marya in having the baby fed, and then left the three. Salman smiled and yet was sad. “Marya you are sick aren’t you?” she smiled, “No! why would I be. There is no point of getting sick.” Her mouth was too dry, she reached for the glass, but Salman, helped her with that too.

He picked Ally up and started talking to him, “you know what your mommy is the best, she does so much, so much that it's hard for even you to repay my little one.” Marya could do nothing more than pass a smile, and then instantly fell into a deep slumber once again.

The next time she was awaken by Ally’s sobbing. “Finally you wake up; it's been 15 hours now,” she felt alive, “Yes! Yes! Give him to me,” she sat up instantly, took him from Salman and fed him. “My Baby!” She smiled. Salman pecked on her forehead. His mom walked in, and stood there staring at the family, which was really a family by all means. “I wish I could just have u all for the rest of my life” she exclaimed, “you all make me so proud.” Salman and Marya looked at each other and smiled. In their hearts they knew that no matter how much they quarreled and groaned and moaned, they loved each other all the more. Salman’s mom sat beside Marya and pecked on her forehead. “I am proud of you! you make me proud day after day, when you prove to be much more of a daughter than an in-law.”

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lost in Transit..

"Sagar, there is some problem with this report. I dont know what, but this doesnt seem to all right. Come over and take a look."

Ruhi still looks cute when she scratches her head trying to analyse something. Thought Sagar.

He stood up and moved across the desk towards her while she still was focusing on the laptop screen. He bent down close to her face, removed her spectacles "Enough for today. You look so confused and stressed. Relax. Wanna dance?" He asked her.

"Dance? now?" she looked at him in surprise. He took her hand and played their favourite song on her laptop which she had a shortcut of on her desktop.

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you're far away and dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I'd still miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing

He pulled her close and whispered into her ear "Marry me".

She freed herself from his grip, and fell on the chair staring at nothingness.

"What happened? Did I say something wrong?" he was not expecting such a reaction.

"I do not want to get into a relationship of sympathy." She replied curtly.

"Come on Ruhi. This is not sympathy. I am so used to you that I can't even imagine myself without you around." He was comforting her.

"I do not want to get into a relationship of convenience either."

"What are you saying Ruhi? You know we are in love since times immemorial."

"I still love Varun."

"I am not asking you to forget him. I know he always will be a part of your memories. But life doesn't stop. You have to move on."

"I can't move away from Varun's memories."

"But he is no more there and I want you to be a part of my life forever."

"Sagar, give a second thought to what you just said. You have been talking about yourself. You are used to me. You can't imagine your life without me. You want me to be a part of your life. It is all about you. Where am I in it? This is the difference in Varun and You. He taught me that love is giving without expecting. He was there to hold my hand when I was all alone. That unfortunate accident snatched him away. But I still feel him around myself. I see him when I look at Sameeksha."

"I will take care of Sameeksha as Varun would have. You know I love her, and she too is fond of me."

"But you can never be Varun, you can never be her father."

"Ruhi... We grew up together. And we have loved each other since we understood this emotion. I know I was at fault when I went away for my degree. That is when you met Varun. But now, things are back to square one. Varun was a blow of refreshing air who passed away. And I love you. Still. I do not see what has changed."

"Changed? Nothing will ever change. I could not ever return him the selfless love he adorned me with. I can't return him what he gave me in those 2 years even if I loved him my whole life. I say no to your proposal Sagar. I opt out. The way you opted out of me when you went away. Do you know why Sameeksha is so fond of you? It is biological. She is not Varun's Biological daughter." Ruhi snapped.

She could see Sagar floating into nothingness.

She collected her bag and marched out of the office she and Sagar shared, closing the door behind her..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Men Oh Men

Men are like Laxatives ... They are meant to de-strain and yet lead to paralysis and irritable mood syndrome.

Men are like Bananas ... The more they are exposed to heat, the faster they stale.

Men are like Weather ... You can predict the rains cuz you see clouds in the morning but it could be deception.

Men are like Blenders ... You can buy them to ease you but in the end you have to put more manual effort.

Men are like Chocolate Bars ... Yummy, tempting, filling and just enough to smack your lips.

Men are like Commercials ... They make bigger claims than they can keep.

Men are like Department Stores ... You'll find everything about them in place with a price tag.

Men are like Government Bonds ... They never hit the spot.

Men are like Mascara ... They look sexy and hot but after a while they smudge the cloth.

Men are like Popcorn ... They keep you best company on the back seat of a theatre.

Men are like Snowstorms ... They will come short but will take you to a whole new level of thought.

Men are like Lava Lamps ... They make a woman ooze but prolonged exposure could give a rotten tan.

Men are like Parking Spots ... You have to keep an eye out for the best ones.

Men are like Ziploc Bags ... They are good with secrets but only in vaccum.

Men are like Shoes ... The perfect size is always out of stock.

Men are like Rubber bands ... They will stretch far out to pose an attitude but an undesired response of a woman could spring them back on all fours.

Men are like Tires ... They are reliable and will last a very long ride.

Men are like Subways ... You have to pick the ingredients to make them taste better.

Men are like Computers ... The upgrade is always slacky, be sure to keep a backup.

Men are like Lawn Mowers ... If you can run them, well and good or else they'll graze you off.

Men are like Stars ... Keep shooting at them and they will not shed a spark.

Men are like Maps ... The road to their heart is via the stomach but where is the heart and the stomach?

Men are like Bras ... The naughty ones are too see through and the naive ones are such a turn off.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Beyond the world after...

The sun is slowly disappearing into the horizon for the night as the solemn looking boy warily budged his car into first gear. Carefully he turned the headlights on and secured his seatbelt as he turned his car onto the road and dissolved into the sundown traffic.

No one discerns the tear slowly trickling down his cheek. All seems bizarrely tranquil to him, as if the world went to a pause, or maybe a full stop. It appeared unreal, it appeared dreamlike. His world was never a dream. But now he hoped that it all was. What was then, he prayed for it to end like a bad dream. Tears kept on rolling. He knew she was watching. He knew she was looking but he chose not to look.

He silently thought. He was expected to be over everything which happened. That is what he told himself. I am not. He spoke to himself. There weren’t any irate words or banging doors. It was nothing like it happened in the movies. It would have been so much better if it was like that. Being angry would make it easier to put it behind him.

Easier, but not better. There wasn’t a single reason for him to be angry. There was no reason. I don’t want to be angry. Not at her, not at all. He was wounded inside out. It just got worse everyday. There was no means to cure the wound.

He notices the red light. The car slows to a stop. He connected the dots. He tried to. This is how my life is exactly. Slowly it is heading for an end. All his dreams were wrapped up in her and without her he knew no dream. It wasn’t a sudden wound. Neither walked out on each other too sudden to absorb. They had talked and they had pondered. They had concluded that it was in the best of their interest.

Why does it feel so wrong now?

The tears appear selfish. He knows he misses her and she was that terrific part of his life. There she sits beside him, silently watching how much she misses him. She touches his hand. He moves it quickly. Did I feel that or are you here? He knew that touch. It was hers, he knew it.

Sarah!! he sighs and looks outside his window. Home is near, but it doesn't feel home anymore. Not without her.

Honey, I will be watching you! She touched his hand again. This time he did not move. He knew it was her. Sarah, I love you.

She smiled and pecked him on his cheek.

The porch light was switched on. He didn’t want to go inside. It was lonely. It was sad. It isn't home without you Sarah. He knew she was there with him. Come inside Sarah, keep the reason for home alive. He stepped out of the car and waited.

It was windy. The winds were strong. Sam felt a push. A hard push towards the house. Are you pulling me Sarah? are you with me?

Sarah silently walked him to the door. She waited until he stepped inside and soared away into the wind.

* * * *

Sometimes we think we have lost someone, when that someone is truly closer to us than we know it. I believe that love keeps us with those whom we love the most. I believe in the after life. I believe that Sam and Sarah will meet again, and this time it will be forever. Sarah died of cancer, it was not sudden, and they knew she was going to die. They faced it together. They faced it with love.

I look forward to my eternal life. I look forward to the feeling of pleasure and no pain, no loss. I foresee a happily ever after, not here but there, in the skies up above.

True love has its course, if it is true it is meant to be together forever.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

First Award!!

Thanks to Symphonic Discord, The Femme Fatale has bagged her first Award. The Kreative Blogger Award.

Also, we need to formally welcome our newest and sweetest Partner in Crime- Seher a.k.a Americanising Desi.

Also, we launch the Badge of the Blog formally. Credits ofcourse to Seher. All the partners in crime shall flaunt the same on their own blogs. :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ooohhhh my feet are killing me

My Ultimate Favorite Topic ** all giggles

"Not diamond but heels are a girl's best friend." William Rossi

weN sHe wHinEzzzzz "oH mY feEt aRe kiLLiNg mE!"

sHe meAnz "dAmn YoU! lUk aT mY sExY fEet :P" hehehe!

NoThiNg hAs bEen inVenTed yEt thAt wilL dO a beTter joB thaN hiGh heEls at maKing a gOod paiR of lEgs luK grEat, or gReat 1z looK faBuloUs......

I dOn't knOw wHo inVenTed hiGh hEels, bUt all wOmen oWe hiM aLot... & oBviouSly GuYz tOo! DoN't yOu?? :D

"FeTisHes R coMmoN & a fOot feTish iZ thE moSt coMmoN, wiDout a dOubt." sO waTchYa ThiNk? iZ iT juSt thE feEt oR thE ShoE.... ummm or maYbe bOth!!??

Dreams Unlimited

Everyone likes to dream.....but what is that one dream that u see of most frequently? Do u have a recurring dream that u keep seeing from time to time!? If yes then what is it?? Have u ever tried to interpret what does that dream signifies? Do u believe that dreams have some significance or do u think that it is all just a figment of your imagination?? I believe in dreams, although i don't have a recurring dream as such, i do believe that dreams have significance in life. What was the most interesting/dreadful dream that u have ever seen?? Come on people, tell me your dreams!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Encounter with life..

Ah, a break!! Riya thought, none to company with, 'let me treat myself a shopping spree and a coffee, I'll have a cafe-shopping day'.
It was Diwali, and after constant working of hours she had lost count of, she had a free time of her office when all her colleagues and employees had vacated the office to proceed for a Diwali furlough. She looked at her office, the result of her profound toil and effort of 10 years that took to establish her own export house. No regrets she thought, Gratified enough.
Spirited, as she entered an air conditioned shopping mall, her eyes struck on a man- tall, lean and handsome- busy with his shopping at the far corner. She could not believe what she was seeing.
Stopping herself from running, shrieking, she called out reaching that man and engaging him in a bear hug "OhmyGod, Ani.. Is it you? Where have you been all these years?"
Awestruck, he spared himself from the embrace to have a look who was this girl. Recognizing the strange look in his eyes, she said "Its me, Riya. Didn't you recognize me?"
"Riya? Riya Arora? You look so.. different." he mumbled with a managed smile.
"I always have", Riya found herself chuckling back at him when she noticed a tall, pretty and happening and all girl standing by his side with a stern look in her eyes.
And Ani too realized the air getting thicker and addressed that unidentified girl "Ishita, she is Riya, a... a long lost friend... and Riya meet Ishita, my wife."
"Oh hi!" Riya said in a tone so friendly, "Ani and I have been long lost friends".
"And I thought only I called you Ani" added Ishita in an arrogant diction.
"Aniket, I meant, so what has been up with your life? Got so much to catch up.." was all Riya could manage.
"Yeah, I have been fine enough, into my own venture and married for 2 years now, see... She makes a lovely wife", Aniket pointed out Ishita when she left them chatting for trying another outfit.
"Yeah, I can make that out." Riya replied, she had sensed an air of uneasiness in Ani's voice. She always did, she thought gloomily.
"How have you been? What are you up to these days?" Ani shot at Riya.
"Just usual stuff, busy with work and all, I have finally set up my dream-export-house if you remember" Riya told him with a swell of pride in her eyes and a hint of sarcasm.
"Oh that's great, really nice. How about personal stuff??" He shot back with growing stiffness.
"Yeah, Mom dad are doing just fine, and Kunal- my brother, he is settled in USA." she replied coolly.
"Hun, we are getting late, remember we gotta go to the Verma's party?" Ishita's voice rang from far behind in Riya's ears.
"Just coming sweetie" Ani responded back.
"It was really nice seeing you Ani...Ket, your wife is waiting." Riya said.
"Same here. Bbye, See you around" and he left, he turned and waived a hand at Riya with a smile.
Riya too returned a faint smile, she stood there, watching him leave, 'see me around when he didn't even bother to exchange contact numbers'.
The flashes of past came rushing to her mind as if a movie was being played in fast forward.
Aniket, Ani and she had been friends since times immemorial. They had grown up together, tearing each others hair, teasing hell out of each other, soothing each other, consoling each other.
More than a friendship was blooming within, they realized, when they were knocking towards their youth. Their first brushes against each other, their first kiss, the night when she lay in his arms as her lover- possessing him and being possessed. She stood there, seeing past, scene by scene being played in the memory lane.
She was over with her academics and could not decide what to do next, when one fine day, Ani broke the news that he was going abroad, for further studies. She never asked the silly question 'and what about us?', she just understood.
But they were part time lovers and full time friends. They would talk everyday, they would talk about the hell stuff , about home- how he missed it, about lot more things. But with time lingering, the busy-ness crept in, and gradually, the everyday turned into often, often into rare ending up they lost contact.
She waited with a hope of him returning back to her, jumped into work, jerked everything other off her life and gave everything to her dream- her own export house. And how successful she was. And how empty...
Not that she did not have the opportunities, she was pretty, vibrant, successful and talk of the town. Who did not want to win her? Her colleagues, associates, clients asked her out. But she ignored. All of them. For a ray of hope, that had survived kindling inside her for these looong 10 years.. That same hope which died today in the encounter with life..
May God bestow his best of blessings on you Ani and Ishita, she wished as she turned away, startling at the call of her name from a distant place.
"Hey Riya"
She turned around to find out a business associate who had become a friend as well over the years.
"Hey Abhay" she said with a wry smile.
"What, of all the places are you doing here? and aloof?" Abhay demanded.
"Making up my mind for a re-incarnation at 35. What say?" she joked back.
"You already look stunning dear lady, you do not need a make-over I believe." Abhay bantered.
"Aww you mean guy, you know how I despise flattery." Riya continued.
"Do you mind even a coffee Damsel!" Abhay said.
"The treat has to be mine, I am the one who is going for re-incarnation" she replied.
"Your wish is my command ma'am" he bragged.
Riya held onto Abhay's outstretched hand and marched towards a new life.
With a new hope...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

All for Love! Love for All!

I received it in the mail, and I just couldn't help but cry.
I cried so much that even now my eyes bleed.
It isn't the pour of sadness, but the fact that beauty and humanity have come along hand in hand all along and all we can see is the negative, the little, pointless ailing.
Yes there is a cure. There is beauty.
Here and Now.

The girl in the picture is Katie Kirkpatrick, she is 21. Next to her, her fiancé, Nick, 23.
The picture was taken shortly before their wedding ceremony, held on January 11, 2005 in the US .

Katie had terminal cancer and spent hours a day receiving medication.
In the picture, Nick is waiting for her on one of the many sessions of chemo to end.

In spite of all the pain, organ failures, and morphine shots, Katie is going along with her wedding and took care of every detail. The dress had to be adjusted a few times due to her constant weight loss.

An unusual accessory at the party was the oxygen tube that Katie used throughout the ceremony and reception as well.
The other couple in the picture are Nick's parents.. Excited to see their son marrying his high school sweetheart.

Katie, in her wheelchair with the oxygen tube , listening to a song from her husband and friends.

At the reception, Katie had to take a few rests.The pain not let her stand up for long periods.

Katie died five days after her wedding day. Watching a women so ill and weak getting married and with a smile on her face makes us think..... Happiness is reachable, no matter how long it last. We should stop making our lives complicated.

Life is short
Break the rules
forgive quickly
laugh constantly
And never stop smiling
no matter how strange life is
Life is not always the party we expected to be
but as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.

Friday, April 3, 2009

always an ever after...

Walking through the aisle, looking astoundingly gorgeous, the people all round cannot help but stare, forcing her to keep away from any eye contact. “Is it me or is it something in the air that is not right?” she murmured to her friend, who came to join her in the stroll. “Actually sweetheart! It isn’t anything, other than the fact that you are looking amazing, very different from what everyone has seen you like, so you can imagine the attacks that you’ve made in a span of a few seconds?” Zoë giggled as she pressed onto her best friend’s arm, leading her through to where she rightfully belonged.

Adorned in a mauve sharara, she had herself designed, with beaded structures all over it, oozing every male specie as she moved along. There he stood, on the end of the long aisle, adorned in a couture black tuxedo, looking his best and trying to be the best that he could, nervous but all nerves under control. “Hey Saad your bride’s a boom". A friend managed to spurt as he shook hands with him. He just managed a smile as never did appreciate other men talking such of his loved one. “I wish I could say the same” he added in sarcastically with his brows indicating that he wasn’t happy with the remarks. He let his eyes get fixed once again on what seemed advancing towards him. “Zoë are you sure, I am not looking stupid? I mean the dress, I never have designed a wedding outfit and this is my first time, so…” Zoë held her hand in a tight grasp, and assured with just the look in her eye that everything was right, everything was perfect.

Finally she made it to the dais, and stood there, with her eyes locked in his gaze. He let his out for her to give herself in and climb the level. She did as directed, unsure of what she was supposed to do otherwise. “Well my Princess! You made it before midnight? How come?” he teased as usual. She just threw a look at him, with her brow raised at the question that always seemed to be nerve testing. “Know what”, he interrupted, “I’ll make this day, THE DAY for you, I swear… … … there is a lot in store, a lot!!!” he curved his lips slyly and slid his hands on her waist, drawing her in closer to himself. “Know what sweetheart?” she managed a sentence… “I would love to do everything crazy now, but the frame I am in right now, permits me nothing…” she smirked. “Jaan you need not do anything, just sit straight and relax, let me be the one to make the moves…” Zoë came in out of nowhere, while they were still in conversation and slid beside Sara, making sure that everything fell perfectly in place. “Sara! I wish I could be in your place”, she added, “well ya obviously! Saad spoke in, who doesn't want to marry me? I mean Saali bhi aadhi nahin poori ghar wali banna chahti hai! So what else is new?”“J.J. let me clarify. What I meant was, I would want a wedding here, in this ball room, and by no means with a dumbo like yourself". Sara joined in the laugh, but managed to keep it soft and unheard. “Why are you always pulling my leg Zoë, yaar itna bhi kangaal nahin hoon, I can afford the both of you!” Sara gave him a sensual look, and he just managed to fall back to his seat. “Saad yaar!” Baqar joined in, “stop being a joru ka ghulam today and move around bhaee! People are anxiously waiting to question you and talk to you, let’s go,” he pulled at his hand, and led him through the crowd.

“Sara! How in the world do you intend to survive that?” Zoë was always concerned, never had imagined Saad to be for Sara! “to tell you the truth jaan, I had begged God for this, I don’t know why, I don’t know how, and all I right now want is that we love each other for eternity, irrespective of all social and family norms. I know the tantrums that will eventually befall, but I am not scared a .1% even, cuz I believe that I can overtake anything if I have him (she looked at Saad through the crowd) in my life…” “oops I did it again!”… she tried to pat the tears dry, “you need not cry now, there is still time left,” Sara threw her a serene look, “can I have a hug… a bear hug”, “are you sure, your sharara is not gonna get ruined?’ Zoë teased. Sara threw her arms around her, trying to overcome the scrunched feelings arousing inside her.

Saad severed through the concourse and made his way back, “I am tired! When is all this gonna get over?”“J.J. this is your wedding, enjoy it, wont comeback again, INSHALLAH!” Saad threw Zoë the dirtiest of his looks, and mutely directed her to buzz off. “I guess I better be off! There is much to do, much to attend to, so have fun you two,” she stood up and soon disappeared into the gathering. “Are you happy Sara?” Saad habitually asked dumb questions, but this she thought was way dumb, she looked at him, “If I were unhappy, I would have never made it here, I would have run off with… … …” she stopped abruptly… “With?”“With who?” Saad stared at her, searching for unheard things… “Well choro! ab to yahan phass gayi hoon!” she smirked, and turned her face. He stood up and came to sit in front of her, “you need to answer things! ARE YOU HAPPY?”“uhhhhh! Yes! Meri jaan YES! I couldn’t have been happier than I am right now. You tell me! If you see your dreams talking shape, wouldn’t you be happy?” she cupped his face in her hands. “Sara I love you, please don’t ever leave me o.k.” “Saad! I wouldn’t o.k. now sit beside me, you are the hubby not me…" she kissed him on his forehead and he joined in right next to her, waiting anxiously to have the chit chats he had planned the whole time.

my first post after being invited into the family ...
I am all smiles now. Thank you!