Saturday, November 7, 2009

How Many Bras Do You Own?

Are you a Victoria's Secret junkie, or a barely-buy-bras girl?

Many girls are of the opinion that bras are occasional buys but I don't believe so. I have to make it a shopping habit and every two months update my stock. Yes I rid myself off the old ones, though because of my hand washing and really careful drying methods my bras last longer than other girls, yet I stock them out when I know it is time to and sometimes my maid gets the pleasure of having them, almost new. I am not a VS bra junkie or even La Senza, they sorta are a source of discomfort for me. I am loyal to IFG or Triumph and their wide range is just everything I need.

I have a drawer dedicated to all my lingerie and night wear. I hate to have it in the closet with the rest of my clothes or in a bag which just crumples it and makes a bigger mess of it.

How about you? How often do you buy new ones? And how careful are you about what you wear?

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Anonymous said...

I will have to let ya know.. I AM a Victoria Secrets Junkie.. and I Call it Vicki's so I think I am more on a personal level..

I can say about 3 mths ago I had 65 bra and pantie Sets!! Since then I have added more... but have thrown a lot away and donated a lot of bras also!!

I always wash mine on Delicate and hand dry!! I LOVE BRASSSSSS!!

Ria said...

wow!!what a wonderful post. i hav a truck load of lingerie in my closet. And like i said i also dont like to keep it with my other clothes. :)

Americanising Desi said...

The VS I own are put away for parties and get togethers. For regular wear I have iris and triumph cuz i cant ever feel comfortable in a padded or push up bra. I need my lacey lingerie for everyday!

I think my stock consists of 30 regular sets and 20 VS, Maidenform and Chantelle bras... P.s. I store them in a suitcase. See my preservation tact ;)

Saanj said...

Hey AD landed here as well :P actually saw the link on FB n it caught my eye. Well I love buying lingerie and am pretty much a shopper when it comes to them.... Right now I guess I own about 25 sets and though am not very partial to any brand prefer VS, Triumph, Etam and Amante and yeah I do have a special big drawer to store all my lingerie and my nightwear :)

Nahl said...

Dude if only VS opened up here in Karachi. Isn't Triumph really uncomfortable? I need suggestions!

Americanising Desi said...

Nahl I prefer IFG first and yes Triumph is my pref because it is comfortable and sexy at the same time. but we have our preferences :)
there is marks and victoria ;)

Ria said...

My fav brands apart fom Victoria are Triumph, Etam & Lovable. :) And i love the racer back on from Marks & Spencers. ;)

Anya said...

Its a lovely girls post :)
We in The Netherlands have also many lingerie :)))))
I have many colors but how many I don't now I go tell for you....
Succes with your girlsblog :)

Phoenix said...

shit i'm feeling such a loser not much of a bra or lingerie person.. to me they are essentials.. maybe someday when i have my own space and have my own money to spend i will splurge, but that doesn't mean i don't love lingerie.. im just a little apprehensive so i stick to essentials..