Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's day

Okay so the Sri Ram Sena is screwing the basic fundamental rights of our nation. women are unjustly and beaten up for attending pubs [read Mangalore incident] its sad and atrocious thing to have happened. those men should just be castrated and hanged till death. however, not all men are bad surely we all have loving fathers and naughty but nice brothers, great [male] friends and how can i forget handsome charming boyfriends, lets not forget the great men who outweigh the morons who dared to take law onto their hands and create a havoc with the lives of all those who choose to live life their own way. chal enough being said about all that. just don't let these slugs dampen your lovey-dovey mood, just chill maar and masti kar..

All those not in love yet, can pamper themselves. hey after all its day of love, you can love yourself right? go on girls, just have a blast and please, don't sit back and pretend this day doesn't exist or you are immune to such things. be a la madhuri dixit of dil toh pagal hai, and pamper yourself with chocolates and teddies, if not try the hair cut or a nice soak of warm water followed up with a home made manicure, for tips look out for our beauty segment from our labels. guys who still single, please id advice you not to jump the gun and propose the next girl coming your way, its too tacky, but hey you can short list her and propose to her at a later date and throw a dramatic dialogue- "i don't need a Valentine's day to profess my feelings for you.." I'm sure ladki maan jayegi :P nahi toh mujhey mat marna haan...please!! :P :D!!

And you love birds, throw caution to the air, be a lil uninhibited and share the moment of love, sneaking a kiss or two wouldn't be all that bad, and if you are okay with it.. you can go all the way.. hey I'm just suggesting... don't take offence, one must state options na... :D!! As for my plans? I'm going to test my cooking skills tomorrow, after all I'm going to prepare lunch for Samik. god help me! :D :P anyway, i just thought id wish all my friends in FEMME FATALE and all those who read and drop in their valuable comments regularly and consistently a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Have a rocking day and have fun! live, love and let love!! LD

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yamini meduri said...

happy valentines day friends...!!!!


yamini meduri said...

the post had three impressions with me..!!!

first...with the first is very bad happening in our country is the time we should all react against it and fight for our freedom...!!!

second...with the second para...i believe since my childhood that men have a great place in a women's it as a father, a brother, a friend, a lover, a husband, a son....he is always great to be with....i always wished to have a brother..!!

third...with the third para...i had my dream boy in my mind while i was reading every line..!!!!

nyways...happy valentines day...!!!

Ria said...

wow!cool post and equally amazing template!! :)

Jinxed Pixie said...

yup, template's great..

Diana said...

Some good tips for single gals in ur post...
Happy Valentines Day

Tara said...

Happy Valentines Day to all! Truly, love and let love! :)

яノςんム said...

awww guys, i missed th valentines day, but anyhow i enjoyed it to the core, out of love though :D

i hope u guys had a rocking day !!