Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beauty care regime

I have never been too girlie in life. In childhood when often girls are made to put sandalwood and lep and uptan, I used to run about in the sun, with no care in the world. My skin got burnt, my long beautiful hair was often left open and exposed to dust and pollution. So the moral of the story is, better late than never. I don’t boast of a great skin, neither of a fair complexion nor of beautiful thick hair and not of height or figure. So I’m not really the one to impart beauty tips here but then there are a few things I learnt that helped me make the most of what I have, and all this is because I want to take care of myself and not because I need to look good for someone else. What we girls need to do is do things for the right reasons to keep ourselves happy.

I mean think of it. How many of us will stand in our bathroom looking at ourselves while taking a bath? Not many. Why? Because we are shy and timid and thinking of ourselves as people who deserve attention. Don’t get me wrong I’m not meaning this in a perverse sense but just trying to state a point here. When we try to groom ourselves, we do so because we want to look presentable and appreciable to the world and not because we want to. Here lies the problem. For once if we did what we wanted to do, or did it for the right reasons such problems wouldn’t come in the way for our progress. So here are a few things you can do to take care of yourself even amidst hectic lives, presentation at office, or labs and classes at college or even those final years of school. Young, old all can take best benefits of such home remedies that are not only cost effective but will save a whole day that most set aside in a month for that much needed time at the beauty parlors. and with Valentines Day just a week or so later, i guess everyone wants to do the extra bit to look great right? and for all those whoa re singles, look great because you are beautiful yourself not for anyone.. here everyone is happy :D

If you have a dark complexion or even fair to make it fairer, you can opt for basen. Now all you need is to get 100 gms of basen and can it. And every time before you go for a bath, make a paste of basen and water or milk, and apply it on your face and leave it till dry and wash it off. It helps to control excess oil on the face, makes your complexion lighten shades, and makes your skin glow. And don’t complain that you don’t really have all that time, for you can easily switch on the geazer, and while the water is getting warmed, you can apply besan do the ironing and arrange the clothes to wear and then wash it off, it is not time consuming at all.

For sun burns or dark patches on the face cut a segment of tomato and apply it on the face. Rub it on your face, elbows and knees until all that is left is a scrap of what you had taken. Leave it till dry and then wash it off. Tomato is natural bleach and makes you skin look really healthy.

For all sorts of marks on the face, whether it is remains of a pimple or some blister you have disturbed apply sandalwood paste, it works wonders and it can keep all the expensive cosmetics at bay.

For body care, take a day out when you have some time to spare, you can take maida and milk and make a paste of sorts and apply everywhere, knees, elbows hands feet etc. this helps you clean the dirt that always tend to settle down and make it presence felt.

For feet care, after a long day when you are reading a book or surfing the net or even watching tv or talking to a friend on the phone. Get water heated, put a few drops of shampoo and get a scrubber with a pumice stone. Let you feet get adjusted to the hot water [not lukewarm] for sometime and then scrub the heels with the pumice stone and soon you will see that the hard skin on the heels that leads it to cracks in winters are coming off with no special efforts. In no time you have a nice supple heel with no money spent on pedicures not just that, it helps you with blood circulation and relaxation of muscles and takes away your daily stress and fatigue in no time.

The methods mentioned above are not only inexpensive, less time consuming but are easy to do as well. So whether you are living in a hostel or home, you can afford to take time out and take care of yourself, not because you need to look acceptable to the world or that special someone but for yourself and your well being.

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Jinxed Pixie said...

i am gonna try it....for myself... :D

Richa said...

hehe finally, the post is out

i need them yaar :D

Amrita~Ams said...

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chalo chalo..kal se bohoot kam hai muje ab..heheheh

Tara said...

Wow! Cool! Sundays are my luxury days...a warm water foot massage, oiling of hair with warm coconut oil and then a hair wash, and a bath with besan ka lep. God! It feels very very luxurious and pampered, and Sunday's the day when I am in my best wonder actually! :D