Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentines Day Special

Buying gifts are such a damn frustrating job that i cant tell you! specially if you are in a relationship for 4 and more years... with birthdays and anniversaries and not to forget Valentines Day thrown in lack of gifting items are something that totally does me in. In case you are a guy and reading this, yes you will too be rewarded to my best abilities on gifting ideas for women but ladies, don't fret i had some ideas up my sleeve for you too. READ, LEARN and DROP me some ideas too :)

Just For The Ladies: gifts for men:

Perfumes~a nice perfume may cost a lot but then if you think you can just go for it then perfumes make a good buy

Wallets~ they are useful and classy, a good leather wallet can come within Rs1000 and can do a bit steeper too but depends on from where you buy it

Watches~ Fastracks are a good idea, but if you are willing to shell out say 1500 onwards

Tee shirts~now most guys love brands, so if you are like looking for a tee to gift, first peer into your wallet and decide, a branded tee can come anywhere from rs800-1000 bucks, if not you can go for trendy caption tee's or get him printed one with you and his picture from customized shops like Preston,available in any malls

Shirts~ a good formal/satin shirts [for office parties or semi formal outings] come within 1200-1500 and that too in brands, if you are not a brand person formal shirts come in as less as 200.. so pick according to your pocket

Jacket~if he is the sporty types, a good jacket can be a good idea, specially since the end of season sale is on , so you may just get a good bargain.

CD's~ a mushy one may not be liked by him,so stick to his preference and gift him rock or metal whatever he prefers to hear

Ties- a good tie comes always handy, specially one doesn't really spend a bomb on things like ties, it wont be bad to get him a nice tie, you can always be naughty and suggest other uses of ties if the official purpose doesn't really impress him?! *wink*

Cufflinks~ these maybe are too formal but those whose guys are working, the use maybe sparse but the gift will be for keeps forever.

Rings~ if you are in a long term relationship, you can go for a mock engagement ring of sorts in silver its pocket friendly and can come within budget of rs 1000 and it is long lasting too

Books~ remember only to gift him books if he likes reading books and not because you want to gift him something you like reading..

Sunglasses~ they can be a great idea if he likes wearing them... Fasttrack does have a good collection

A small tip, if your guy is the sensitive kind he will appreciate hand made products, like cards, collage. book or other stuff but if he is not, DO NOT WASTE TIME to Make him something, most often guys are not that kicked by handmade products like we girls are, most likely they will just see it once, smile and then it will find its way to the bin sooner or later.

Now for the Gentlemen: gifts for the Ladies:

Stuffed toys~ these are a good bet, for almost every girl loves it. its a sure shot winner

Books~ most girls love books, you can choose from a huge array of genres btu buy something that she loves reading

CD's~ you can gift her the many compilations of love songs available in the market. or you could gift her the DVD of her favourite movie, say Jab We Met.
Mugs~ why a mug? well she could remember you when she drank her first cuppa in the morning, a nice thought to begin a day.. isn't it?

Costume Jewellery- you could gift her pendants or earrings or rings, in silver or metal, they are classy and who doesn't like a little bling now and then, gifting items like jewellery adds the personal touch to the gifts.

Clothes~ gift her something she wears, if she is a kurta person Fabindia or Khadi Rs 200 onwards is a good bet so is west side. for tee's you can opt for Westside, Pantaloons or Shoppers Stop. price starts from 199 onwards. if you the traditional types, a Saree wouldn't be a bad idea but depends if she is the one to wear them. and how you get her measurements is your headache not mine.. :P

Bags and wallets~ these are a rage with girls, the more the merrier; so even if you give her another bag or wallet she will always praise and appreciate you, you just cant go wrong.

Cosmetics~ buy only if you are sure of the brands she uses or if you can afford a branded one, because cosmetics are risky things because bad cosmetics gives rise to skin rashes and problems. now you don't want her to curse you for life, do you??

Now cards and chocolates and flowers are cliche but they are a great add ons, you can just use them too to just add the romantic element to the whole gift receiving experience. Guys can always make something for the girl, from baking a cake or writing a letter or making a card, girls love sentimental and customized things, so go out of your way to do something by yourself to show her that she is worth all the effort!

~ if you are working and can afford to buy more expensive things then you can consider Ipods, Cellphones etc.

~But remember to buy things that he/she will like not what you would want him/her to have. and try and give gifts that reflect that you have given a lot of thought to the whole event and not just spent money on things to buy for an occasion.


the author of this post doesn't take responsibility for any untoward experience, loss of money of valuables, bad buys or showers of abuses or bad reactions that may come your way. think before acting, these gifting ideas are relative can differ from person to person. :D :P

hey I'm in need for advice myself.. do you think you can suggest something for me? :)

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yamini meduri said...


the gifts are all very cute...but i dont have anything to do with them...!!!

but if i ha my dreamboy with me....then i wud expect fresh flowers with mug and a Teddy

and to him i wil get a Mug(I love Mugs) and a blue Tee( i find bllue suits good for boys)

Happy Valentines Day..!!!

Karthik Murali said...

ur post was like a bolt out of the
i was totally bewildered and confused as to what get for a friend.. these ideas are damn good.lemme try them

anyways , does these gifting ideas to women ,
is it the same for any one ,even for only a friend or only for ppl in a relationship

Amrita~Ams said...

i luved the caution part..heheh..
well thxs for the tentative list...

Tara said...

May be I could gift these to myself! :) Have no one as of now... :\

Richa said...

hehe.. good colllection buddy, :)

Mads said...

hehe the caution part was good...and nice post
although i dont have anyone as my Valentine. makes me depressed thinking i wont get any cute gift and there is no one to give anything to :((
will keep these in mind for the future V-day occasions :P :P :D

Phoenix said...

@yamz your ideas of gift are so cute.. i like small cute gifts like yours :)

Phoenix said...

yeah sure.. these ideas stands for friend-friend in birthdays anniversaries and valentines day too..try them out..

Phoenix said...

caution is a must what if the beat the hell out of me if things backfired? can i take the risk? tut tut tut never!! :D :P

Phoenix said...

@tara gifting them to yourself is not a bad idea you know.. till you find that special one.. :D

Phoenix said...

:D :P

i thought id help the poor souls like me... :)

Phoenix said...

hey dont worry pal! its good you are waiting for the ONE instead of wasting yourself on someone who maynot be the one.. and trust me.. enjoy these times.. nahi de ke barey mein sochna aur gifts dete dete tum sachi mein pak jaogi :)

now cheer up.. we will do something for valentines day on our blog... for all the singles on the block


Ria said...

nice ideas babe!have tried most of them for my guy!! :P

Harshita said...

I knew it had to be you writing this post...haha...Impressive list...

But those who wanna woo me, have to buy me a holiday for Europe...haha

Anonymous said...

A gift basket maybe?
With chocolates, a book, a customised CD, a little card, a book etc?
Little, special stuff basically. :)

Phoenix said...

so have i..gimme some ideas na?

Phoenix said...

the Queen of my heart... would you accompany me on an europe tour? i promise i ll make this a trip of a lifetime for you..wat say? :P

Phoenix said...

i love the idea but if i were to use them for my guy..he wont really appreciate customized stuff.. but more importantly i dont want to use all the gift ideas at once gifting him a basket of sorts

Jinxed Pixie said...

errmmm....what an enlightening post :D