Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And here comes the Babe!!

I know i am late in posting this blog post. Sorry about that coz the babe of the week was down with a bad flu and fever over the last 2 days. Anyways, now i am back and here is my first interview ever. :) By the way thanks a lot to all those lovely gals who voted for me.



When i give my 100% to whatever i am doing.


Losing my near and dear ones.


I don't believe in planning.
"Go with the flow" is my motto.


It may be hard to believe but, I don't envy anyone.

Favorite Dish?

Chicken Sizzler with lots of vegetables.

Best Show?

Friends, Oprah & Detective files on Discovery.

City Nights?

Long drive/listening to music.


To travel the world.


In an embarrassing situation!! :P

And i have been told that the voting for next babe of the week will only start from the last week of June....Yippeee that makes the the babe of the coming weeks too!! Thanks AD, for starting this amazing concept. And thanks to all of u once again!! :)

12 blandishes:

ANWESA said...

hey babes!!!interesting answers... u'v d tiara 4 a few weeks..

Ria said...

:) Thanks!! And yep i have the tiara for a few weeks. :P

Phoenix said...

wooohoo nice read! :) you go girl!

Ria said...

@Phoenix: Thanks sweetie!! :)

Harshita said...

Short n Sweet intw. :)

Take Care.

яノςんム said...

Awww. ths being Ria.. No doubt we love you soo much :)

AD said...

ahhh rock on girl :D

Ria said...

@Harshita: Thanks!! :) Thats how it shud be. ;)

Ria said...

@Richa: Hey thanks for saying tht babe!! :)

Ria said...

@AD: All the way babe!! :)

अनिल कान्त : said...

nice one
i like the interview :)

and thanks for visiting my blog and being my follower

Ria said...

@Anil: Thanks!! i m glad u liked the interview.