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Fashion is Individual

Personality may be defined as the distinguishing original traits of a person; this includes the person’s facade, etiquette and personality. Personality is categorized into six diverse groupings. It is not obligatory that each person should have the distinctiveness of only one kind of personality; in reality a single person can have multiple characters and this is with respect to traits. But may be the individual has more distinctiveness of one personality than the other, so in this case the individual would be categorized in the personality whose characteristics are dominant in him.


TRAITS: Delicate, calm and very feminine.

FABRICS: Smooth, soft, sheer and flimsy, (silks, cottons, laces)

COLORS: Pastel and light colors.

PRINTS: Small and delicate prints.

OUTFITS: Dresses with soft folds, frills, gathers or flowing styles with princess darts, baby collars and peter-pan collars also suitable.

HAND BAGS AND SHOES: Delicate and simple.

HAIR STYLES: Simple, usually long and flowing.


TRAITS: Athletic, strong, vigorous and tom-boyish.

FABRICS: Rough, stiff, as denim, corduroy, cotton and linen.

COLORS: Bold and striking as red and orange.

PRINTS: Bold and unusual prints, usually abstract prints.

OUTFITS: Tailored style, with collars and simple dresses with no frills and soft folds.

HAND BAGS AND SHOES: There should be no delicacy.

HAIRSTYLES: Usually short hair cut according to the shape of the face.


TRAITS: Extremely unusual, striking, bold and ready to do anything common or uncommon.

FABRICS: Different and unusual, any type of fabric.

COLORS: Bold and unusual color schemes.

PRINTS: Any print which suit with their mood, but it should be uncommon.

OUTFITS: New and different styles, they set new trends in fashion.

HAND BAGS AND SHOES: Uncommon according to their dress.

HAIR STYLES: They create their own hair styles which are new and different.


TRAITS: Modest, shy and timid, they do not want to become prominent in public places.

FABRICS: Soft and light weight materials (cotton and silk).

COLORS: Soft and light colors.

PRINTS: Simple and very common which are not very obvious.

OUTFITS: Simple and very common, they are usually the last persons who adopt new fashion.

HAND BAGS AND SHOES: Simple according to their dress.

HAIR STYLES: Very simple which does not make them prominent.


TRAITS: Conservative, reserve, sober, serious looking. It usually comes with age and experience.

FABRICS: Light and medium weight fabrics.

COLORS: Light and sober colors.

PRINTS: Checks, plain and not very sharp prints.

OUTFITS: Simple and becoming to the personality.

HAND BAGS AND SHOES: Sober and comfortable.

HAIR STYLES: Simple but elegant.


TRAITS: Lively, sparkling, gay and carefree.

FABRICS: Comfortable which does not need much care.

COLORS: Any color according to their mood.

PRINTS: Lively and colorful prints with light to medium weight textures.

OUTFITS: Casual, convenient and comfortable.

HAND BAGS AND SHOES: Comfortable, even if they are not in fashion.

HAIR STYLES: Simple and casual.

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sexy template!! :-)

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Preeti said...

cool post ..

I think I am close to STRIKING PERSONALITY and REFINED PERSONALITY.. or may be a mixture of both ...

AD said...

a mix is always chatpata!

Cяystal said...

OO!..I'm in for Striking and Effervescent! ..thanks for sharin' !!

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