Friday, January 8, 2010

you would never believe she was born a boy 1

..It is a dedication it to Kim Petras,who has beaten bullies,prejudice and even law to become the women she always knew she was.
(dunno if you guys have already heard about her)
I am goin to start a series of her story..hope you ll like we go..

With her long blonde hair and 30B bust ,you probably wont believe that she was born a healthy baby boy-Tim, who always believed he is a girl and prefered dancing around with barbie dolls to playing football.parents would let him wear dresses inside the house but never outside.It was painful and infuriating to see a boys body under clothes when he wanted to be like other girls.He was taunted with names like gay boy ans transvestite everyday.It hurted lik hell but he had a group of friends who always kept him smiling and had accepted him as one of them.He was eaten up with jealousy when all her frienda started getting breasts and boyfriends.She says : All I could do was take a deep breath and tell myself, You ll have boyfriend oneday,I had to believe it.
Stuck to her dream , she(ill address her as she) wore her sisters pink shirt inder uniform,grew her hair long and giggled with girlfriends about fanying Backstreet boys.
Soon up was a bigger bully PUBERTY.While she could ignore taunts,she couldnt fight it,terrified of growing hair on her face and horasening of voice.She d sob insepcting her face for hair every morning.She wanted to be a woman and not a man.At the age of 11 she was determined to undo it. be continued

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