Friday, January 8, 2010

you would never believe she was born a boy 2

One evening her mom sat her down . We are goin to do something about it, she said. She couldnt bear her child waking up crying every morning.Together they did research about it and found out that hormone blockers were available to stop the onset of male puberty .And could me followed up with hormonesto kick-start female puberty instead.Then they heard about sex-reassignment surgery to change the male genitals to female.Atleast they had hope.
She along with her parents went to see various psychologists about how to start the process.She was confronted with hurdles. Everyone adviced them to let the boy be a boy.It was frustrating .But she refused to give up.Finally at the age of 12 she started taking hormone blockers for 6 months then moved on to female hormones.She had to take the pill everyday for entire of her life,but she dint care,afterall it was the beginning of her journey to WOMANHOOD.
 Then she started to believe in her dream, even changing her name from Tim to Kim that her parents had decided if she d been a girl.Within four months she started to grow breasts and went shopping picking out bras in pretty colours.She boldly celebrated her new figure wearing colourful girly clothes even to school.

p.s. the pics are real .. be continued