Monday, January 11, 2010

you would never believe she was born a boy 3 (end part)

She dared to start her future as a woman.She started writing and recording songs on Youtube and Myspace.
Yes she dint still feel totally right.From the waist down she had a male body-what man would fancy her?She never went swimming since she was toddler as the thought of someone seeing the bulge was mortifying.
She had to get sex-reassignment surgery as soon as possible.This was what she wanted more than anything.She did some search and found some surgeons who would take the skin of the penis and turn it inside to create vagina.To her it was like taking what she had putting it wheree it should have been all along.They can make it look natural ,crafting the clitoris from sensitive penis tip so that one has sensivity.To get the surgery done , there was another battle to be fought as the law states you must be 18 to have it.So from 13, she started compaigning for the permission.she did TV documentary to draw attention to the issue and spoke to medical experts to get opinion.Finally , she got the agreement of five psychologists.They said they have never seen such a clear case and it was important to have the op asap.When she was 15 she got exceptional permission to have the surgery.That s when we think everythings possible.
Just before the operation was planned she got a boyfriend ,Steven,19, one of her sisters friends who she had liked for ages.He knew all about her history and was attracted regardless.The day came when Stever held her hand to the OT. After 11 hours surgery, her new genitals were sore and bandaged , stomach lurched up but she  had never felt better before ,was feeling on the top of the world, she finally felt like real her.
.Another operation was done in feb,2009 to neaten up the work.Week later ciddling with Steven , watching movies at home, for the first time she felt she could breathe.The pain had paid off.Seeing her new body she dint feel scary but natural.
Her videos over the internet were seen by music producer Fabian Gorg and she was signed up with Joyce Records.Kim petras for now is a known pop singer.She writes sings and composes her songs.Her incrediblevoice is heard everywhere.Her first music album 'Die for you' was released back.All her songs are on her official website. Her music vedios are all over Youtube if guys wanna check out.Follow her on twitter IKIMPETRAS.


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shashank said...

Your article is a reflection of the every individual's right to choose the suitable life. Nice and knowledgeable article

the silent observer said...

wonderful! an extremely fulfilling article..thought it was a made up story but reality is sometimes better than fiction. Just goes on to show tht nothing is impossible to a willing heart..kudos to the writer for bringing this inspirational story to the readers!

Ria said...

This was inspiring indeed!!what determination.