Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Best lines said by a Man

When I was born, A Woman was there to hold me: My Mother

As I grew up, A woman was there to care & play with me: My Sister

I went to school, A Woman was there to help me learn: My Teacher

I got depressed when I lost, A Woman was there to offer a shoulder: My Girlfriend

I needed a companionship & love, A Woman was there for me: My Wife

I became tough, A Woman was there to melt me: My Daughter

When I will die, A Woman will be there to absorb me in: My Motherland

If you are a Man, value every Woman.


If you are a Woman, feel Proud to be one.

28 blandishes:

Tanvi said...

Wonderfully put Ria... This is very much useful.. I am proud to be a 'Female.'

Scribbling Girl said...

beautiful :) Ria u always put such magical words :)

Ann said...

yeah.. am proud to be a woman :) .. And yeah, beautiful thought written so creatively..

beanizer_05 said...

all true..women should be respected and loved

Ria said...

Thanx Tanvi! :)

Ria said...

SG: I am glad u liked it dear. :)

Ria said...

Ann: Glad u feel that way. Thnx for commenting. :)

Ria said...

Beanizer: Thanx for the kind words. :)

suruchi said...

awww...we want more men like that...
correction...we want ALL men like that Ria:-)

Neeha said...

I agree with suruchi ria..
Proud to be a women:)

Ria said...

Suruchi: Oh yes yes we want! :)

Ria said...

Neeha: Thanks for the comment! :)

Divaa Divine said...

woweee - this makes me so proud!

Ria said...

DD: Yes hun!! We shud be proud of what v are. :)

sm said...

thoughtful lines
like it

Ria said...

thanks sm! :)

tanvii.com said...

Beautifully put! :) Good one Ria! :)

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

only if all men were that honest about how wonderful women are,the worldwould be a better place..

sulagna ™ said...

wow..loved the line about being a daughter

Deepika Vasudeva said...

wonderful! yes i m proud to be a female!

Ria said...

Thnx Tanvi! :)

Ria said...

Meher: What u hav said is so true!

Ria said...

Thanx Sulagna. :)

Ria said...

Deepika: Glad that u said that. :)

Deepika Vasudeva said...


Som said...

Very well written !! can I use it ?!!

joejoseph said...

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A Resurrected Paradox said...

I love the poem.... :):):) Proud to be a woman!

Hey Ria!

Ayesha here! I was hoping to get in touch with you... I work with a PR firm and would like to speak to you.. Tell me how to get in touch.