Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Women's Day

Woman's Day Special
Ah! Woman

What can be said about that which has been proclaimed, 'Good,' by God, Almighty, Himself.

Born not from the dust of the ground, as man. Nor, as the fowl of the air. Nor, as the beast of the fields. Formed as flesh from flesh. Created in the Image of God. Molded by the tender, intimate hands of the Almighty, Himself. Quickened by His Breath. Alive with soul. Uniquely created for relationship with Man and God.

The 'crown of creation' bestowed upon 'Woman' cannot be measured by gold or gems. Her value far outweighs the most precious of them. Her virtues cannot be purchased. Her beauty, unsurpassed even by the most delicate of roses, cannot be captured on canvas nor molded in marble. Though many a gifted artisan has tried.

Her moods ever-changing as the ocean's tide. 'Woman' is fleeting. Able to only be understood by the God who created her. Woman. Most beautiful. Most glorious. Most creative of God's imagination, has been given the privilege to bear life from life. Creating from within the confines of her own sphere. Strength of iron flowing in her veins allow her to conquer agony. Overcome the rending, ripping pain that grips her as she expels life from her loins. Only 'Woman' can then reach between her own legs. Past the gush of water and blood. Bring to her breast. Life, to suckle, to fill with sustenance to grow.

Many a 'woman' have taken up the banner of 'Freedom' as man has failed mankind. 'Woman,' carries the burden of comforting. Soothing the fallen comrades. 'Woman,' unceasingly strives for the answer to man's disease. Compelled to stand at the side of a loved one as they pass from this life, to the land of everlasting. She stands firm in her vigil, never wavering from her duty. 'Woman,' buries her beloved fathers, husbands, and sons. Bears the burden of going on. Alone. Facing uncertainties with conviction she will survive.

'Woman,' weeps over the tyranny of the beast. Cries for the destruction of the weapons of war. Begs for mercy from a Merciful God. Pray for man to be delivered from the stench of death, the cramps of famine and the fever of battle. 'Woman,' embodied with the heart of courage can hold in the confines of her hands power to deliver compassion.

'Woman,' wears kindness and charity as ribbons of honor.

'Woman,' is proof that God extends forgiveness to a world lost in confusion and darkness. A woman's lips can bestow healing peace. The smallest of woman's hands can hold the hope of tomorrow. For in her arms is the security for today.

'Woman's ' need for man is only surpassed by man's need of ' Woman.' Without her, his life is incomplete.

'Woman,' initiates balance between the world and home. She establishes a haven of protection from the hurts and slings of this world. 'Woman,' a dreamer inspired by the colors, scents and sounds around her. She brings Glory and Honor to the Lord she loves. 'Woman,' blessed, is smiled upon. Often sent into the dredges of the world. Carrying His message of Truth. To witness of His Sacrifice. To love the unlovable. To embrace the unwanted.

A Woman raises her hands to worship her God from whence it all comes. Without thought of how it appears. Lifts her voice in song with her sisters around the world. Bringing tears to all who hear. Beseeching the world to join them in peace. Join them in spirit.

Built within the deep substance of 'Woman' is a desire to overcome adversities. To always finish better than she began. To improve what sometimes appears to be desolate. A 'Woman' can bring order out of chaos. Build a home from a hovel. Take the driest, stringiest cut of meat and turn it into a stroganoff. Soup can appear as if by magic from an onion, a potato and a handful of peas.

A 'Woman' is able to take a scrap of material and make a window dressing. Or, take a window dressing and turn it into a 'scrap of a dress.' 'Woman' brings decoration to each environment she inhabits. A paper plate, a cup of macaroni, a bit of ribbon and she creates a wreath. Give her a penny and she can pinch it till it screams. Hand her a dollar and she can stretch it till it almost tears.

'Woman,' with a tender caress can make a pauper believe he is a 'king.' 'Woman' can be a Friend, a Lover, a Mate. She's a Daughter and a Sister. She's a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. All manner of persons in one lovely package. A scene most precious, 'Woman' with a little child on her knee, wiping his tears and kissing his brow. 'Woman,' - unique - no doubt about it, not another creation like her since the beginning of time. Created to meet life's needs. Created to overcome life's challenges.

Ah, Woman! What can be said of that which has already been proclaimed, 'Good,' by God Almighty, Himself.

Roberta Lee Wilcox
March 8, 2001

i came across this beautiful piece and i wanted to share it with all my friends. the link from which this was taken is here.

Here's wishing all you lovely ladies a very Happy Woman's Day!! keep you head held high! your virtues closer, arm yourself with self dignity and pride for who you are, and march forward towards that golden sunset. Jai Ho!

here is the link to Yamini's blog. she has written an amazing post on the occasion of Woman's Day. do check it out. :)

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yamini meduri said...

thats a perfect article on women..!!!

hats off to Roberta Lee Wilcox..!!!

thanks Phoenix for making us read such a great work...i am proud to be a woman now...!!!

thanks for the link sweet of you..!!!

Happy Woman's Day to al the women out here..!!!

Amrita~Ams said...

happy women's day :)
blog rocks

lovely poem yar... :)

Anonymous said...

God says:
“Man represents my image, woman - my emotions.
Together, you represent the totality of God. So man:
treat woman well. Love her, respect her, for she is
fragile. In hurting her, you hurt me. What you do to
her, you do to me. In crushing her, you only damage
your own heart, the heart of your Father and the heart
of her Father. Woman, support man. In humility, show
him the power of emotion I have given you. In gentle
quietness show your strength. In love, show him that
you are the rib that protects his inner self.”

Happy Woman's Day to ALL :)

Som said...

The doting mother to the loving wife;From my first heart break to my last crime
She is every where, she is Life
The Woman

well written and so true; Happy Women's day ...

Anonymous said...

Happy Women's day! Nice post Phoenix...beautiful work
Proud proud part of the woman brigade...

Phoenix said...

thanks pal its something we need to read and remind ourselves of.. coz we often sacrfice ourselves before others.. not even realizing that we are worthy of being called great because of it! :)

Phoenix said...

thanks babes..

happy womens day to you too

Phoenix said...

@americanising desi...

very well said... its a truly powerful

Phoenix said...

aww thats really sweet coming from a man at that

Phoenix said...

hey thanks babes...


yo to womanhood!

Som said...

@Phoenix: why is there a perception that all men are Chauvinists ?! there are exceptions too .. :)

Ria said...

kudos to u for writing this babe! :) Jus perfect for the occassion.