Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ye Kya Hua!!

Hey Guys!!

This time I am here to share a wonderful feeling I am undergoing these days. And since it is our own girl lounge, I thought what better place could be to spill the beans :D

I feel so funny. I am going through my quarter age crisis, and I got a lot many things to worry about. But I dunno how come have I developed a crush on my gym instructor :D

I haven't had a crush in long time. I had almost forgotten those butterflies in the stomach and those goosebumps.
You all an imagine what a gym instructor would look like with all that toned body and huge muscles. But this was not my kindda choice in guys. I always had a notion that macho guys have muscles in their brains too.

And then this person, Hemant makes his grand entry. I still remember the first time I saw him. Around a month back.

I was taken by his smile. He has got the cutest smile I have ever seen and the way he greets you, so warm and welcoming... My My!!
When he smiles, you tend to forget every damn thing in the world. And just loose yourself and flow with the flow.

In the beginning, I could not identify this feeling. But I just liked to watch him smile.. I looked for excuses to make him smile and bumping into him every now and then. As I gotta understand this is a crush I am developing, I started avoiding him, but then I allowed myself to be blown away and feel the air :D
I have asked him to train me himself and it is so nice to have him all to myself for those two hours. Also, I am happy that he has become an encouragement and incentive for a lazy bones like me to gym regularly :D

Though I have no desires as such to go out with him or to spend time with him or to talk to him, its just that I admire his smile and what amuses me the most is the tenderness he holds my hands with while training despite of that muscular strong body.

I feel Funny and embarrassed to publish such a post and you guys too would be amused to have to see such a thing coming from me, but I know you all my girl friends shall understand that he is just an eye candy.. :D

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Phoenix said...

oye kudiye sharam ki kya baat hai.. crush hai toh flaunt karo...

accha hi hai..gym instructor and all that.. now you have double incentive to work hard on urself.. talk about motivation!! get me a nice guy na.. i want to have a crush too!!!

dont feel embarrassed... you left me longing for more.. i want a crush too or someone who has a crush on me!!

and righty said this is our lounge we say what we want to how we want to! and thanks for taking us out of our dormant state with such a cute post!!


Phoenix said...

yay!! im the first to comment! and my my !! am i not thrilled!!!

yamini meduri said...

nice read Richa..!!!

n i know how much a guy's smile can influence us..!!! have a great time at the gym..!!!

Harshita said...

haha...ab mera song kaam aaya iss blog pey ;)

Bhaagey rey Mann..tera bhaagey rey mann...

Jab pyaar kya toh darna kya..richa...;)mazaa lo apney crush-time hain fultoo...

ANWESA said...

how sweet!!!let this crush always make you happy...coz life deserves to be happy!!:)i agree wid Phoenix,
Yamini n Harshita...

Anonymous said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this is just remarkable and sweet!
hehehe reminds me of the time i had a crush and to date i smile thinkin about it.
so basically smile and happiness is the ingredient of makin it an everlasting ticklish sensation!
have fun while it lasts :D

яノςんム said...

thnx guys..
aint i glad to have such supporting comments from my very own girl frnz :D

love ya all :)

Jinxed Pixie said...

ahhhh, someone is blushing..
now, why is it ME??
naice...very very naiceee...

rahul said...

sorry to bump into your girls-hideout...hey Richa ..crushes are part n parcel of life enjoy them till they last!!

btw,, girls- hide out rhymes a lot with what we used to have in colg..boys-nightout :P

nice blog!!

Ria said...

thats totally fine gurl!!its always healthy to keep ur eyes open and admire something thats worth admiring. :P Keep goin gurl!!

muthu said...

hahaha.... wow and you richa arent the romantic type.oh yeah.... this post was interesting yaar... :)