Friday, April 3, 2009

always an ever after...

Walking through the aisle, looking astoundingly gorgeous, the people all round cannot help but stare, forcing her to keep away from any eye contact. “Is it me or is it something in the air that is not right?” she murmured to her friend, who came to join her in the stroll. “Actually sweetheart! It isn’t anything, other than the fact that you are looking amazing, very different from what everyone has seen you like, so you can imagine the attacks that you’ve made in a span of a few seconds?” Zoë giggled as she pressed onto her best friend’s arm, leading her through to where she rightfully belonged.

Adorned in a mauve sharara, she had herself designed, with beaded structures all over it, oozing every male specie as she moved along. There he stood, on the end of the long aisle, adorned in a couture black tuxedo, looking his best and trying to be the best that he could, nervous but all nerves under control. “Hey Saad your bride’s a boom". A friend managed to spurt as he shook hands with him. He just managed a smile as never did appreciate other men talking such of his loved one. “I wish I could say the same” he added in sarcastically with his brows indicating that he wasn’t happy with the remarks. He let his eyes get fixed once again on what seemed advancing towards him. “Zoë are you sure, I am not looking stupid? I mean the dress, I never have designed a wedding outfit and this is my first time, so…” Zoë held her hand in a tight grasp, and assured with just the look in her eye that everything was right, everything was perfect.

Finally she made it to the dais, and stood there, with her eyes locked in his gaze. He let his out for her to give herself in and climb the level. She did as directed, unsure of what she was supposed to do otherwise. “Well my Princess! You made it before midnight? How come?” he teased as usual. She just threw a look at him, with her brow raised at the question that always seemed to be nerve testing. “Know what”, he interrupted, “I’ll make this day, THE DAY for you, I swear… … … there is a lot in store, a lot!!!” he curved his lips slyly and slid his hands on her waist, drawing her in closer to himself. “Know what sweetheart?” she managed a sentence… “I would love to do everything crazy now, but the frame I am in right now, permits me nothing…” she smirked. “Jaan you need not do anything, just sit straight and relax, let me be the one to make the moves…” Zoë came in out of nowhere, while they were still in conversation and slid beside Sara, making sure that everything fell perfectly in place. “Sara! I wish I could be in your place”, she added, “well ya obviously! Saad spoke in, who doesn't want to marry me? I mean Saali bhi aadhi nahin poori ghar wali banna chahti hai! So what else is new?”“J.J. let me clarify. What I meant was, I would want a wedding here, in this ball room, and by no means with a dumbo like yourself". Sara joined in the laugh, but managed to keep it soft and unheard. “Why are you always pulling my leg Zoë, yaar itna bhi kangaal nahin hoon, I can afford the both of you!” Sara gave him a sensual look, and he just managed to fall back to his seat. “Saad yaar!” Baqar joined in, “stop being a joru ka ghulam today and move around bhaee! People are anxiously waiting to question you and talk to you, let’s go,” he pulled at his hand, and led him through the crowd.

“Sara! How in the world do you intend to survive that?” Zoë was always concerned, never had imagined Saad to be for Sara! “to tell you the truth jaan, I had begged God for this, I don’t know why, I don’t know how, and all I right now want is that we love each other for eternity, irrespective of all social and family norms. I know the tantrums that will eventually befall, but I am not scared a .1% even, cuz I believe that I can overtake anything if I have him (she looked at Saad through the crowd) in my life…” “oops I did it again!”… she tried to pat the tears dry, “you need not cry now, there is still time left,” Sara threw her a serene look, “can I have a hug… a bear hug”, “are you sure, your sharara is not gonna get ruined?’ Zoë teased. Sara threw her arms around her, trying to overcome the scrunched feelings arousing inside her.

Saad severed through the concourse and made his way back, “I am tired! When is all this gonna get over?”“J.J. this is your wedding, enjoy it, wont comeback again, INSHALLAH!” Saad threw Zoë the dirtiest of his looks, and mutely directed her to buzz off. “I guess I better be off! There is much to do, much to attend to, so have fun you two,” she stood up and soon disappeared into the gathering. “Are you happy Sara?” Saad habitually asked dumb questions, but this she thought was way dumb, she looked at him, “If I were unhappy, I would have never made it here, I would have run off with… … …” she stopped abruptly… “With?”“With who?” Saad stared at her, searching for unheard things… “Well choro! ab to yahan phass gayi hoon!” she smirked, and turned her face. He stood up and came to sit in front of her, “you need to answer things! ARE YOU HAPPY?”“uhhhhh! Yes! Meri jaan YES! I couldn’t have been happier than I am right now. You tell me! If you see your dreams talking shape, wouldn’t you be happy?” she cupped his face in her hands. “Sara I love you, please don’t ever leave me o.k.” “Saad! I wouldn’t o.k. now sit beside me, you are the hubby not me…" she kissed him on his forehead and he joined in right next to her, waiting anxiously to have the chit chats he had planned the whole time.

my first post after being invited into the family ...
I am all smiles now. Thank you!

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sanely insane said...

While v guys dont like the whole blast abt the wedding, much rather get married in a courthouse...but there is a certain charm about anouncing in front of the world...this is my woman

though still a wedding is the girl's big day...its so special for them...specially ordered lehangas from chandni chowk and all...the works and the crazies :)

i like couples who tease and flirt...feel a bonhmie with them

the template was hurting the eyes though

яノςんム said...

Welcome Aboard Seher :D

hugz!! oh so glad to have u here..

and this post is awesome. it made me feel like getting married too :D

Anonymous said...

sanely insane...
what template?

wouldnt have been possible without you honey .. love you loads :)

p.s. i mailed Raka some badges which i thought for members of the blog. i didnt have ur email or i wud have mailed em to you

sanely insane said...

the blog template

Anonymous said...

oh, thought i did something again :P

yamini meduri said...

hello girl..!!!

welcome to the girlie world.!!
the first post of urs here...made me think of my man....i dont know when am i gonna meet him..but i feel it happens soon so that i can njoy the married life too..!!!

looking forward to many more too..!!!

Anonymous said...

yamini, i feel so much at home now :D
thank you dearie.
i m sure like all of us, you ar ein queue too :D hehehe
just hope we dont stay there waiting too long!

thank you.
hope to make u be proud of me !!

Anonymous said...

This post is Awesome, Another one of your brilliant writings..

Made me think a bit on my wedding day. A day that every girl dreams of.

I am going to be following you on may blogs now.

Great post and Congrats!!


ANWESA said...

ah!a wedding post!!welcome 2 d gang..gr8 goin!!!!

Phoenix said...

my my i thought i had locked away this wedding pangs somewhere... but here it is unleashed.. so i love it.. im all teary eyed and all :) i love weddings which girl doesnt...

and for the witty banter between the bride and groom.. made me think.. if it was samik and me.. we would have not had a witty banter..but a tu tu main main of sorts..we fight like cats and dogs..all the time :)

welcome aboard sweetheart!!and i can already sense the temperature soaring.. i get a feeling.. femme is just getting a facelift having you aboard!! and it will be on helluva ride together...

i hope you feel at ease and loved.. and hope this blog is a satisfying and enriching experience for you as it is for us.. :) cheers!!


Phoenix said...

and since you are new on board.. just a small thing.. when you post a post.. kindly put you name in the labels.. that way we can locate your posts easily if later we want to.. :)

ooo im so glad you are finally here and more so with the badges.. i simply love them...cant wait to put them up.. :)

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww your words always make me wanna love you more.
yea people might think it is the alikeness that gets me so much love for you, but i dunno i am so highly attracted ;)
thank you dear! luv ya!

ahhh yea the only thing on my mind all the time :$
how embarrassin !!!
thank you for the welcome .. that makes me hopeful! :)

Anonymous said...

yea marriages are such a touchy bit for every girl.
ahh i screwed my first, never wanna screw it again if i get a achance to wlak that aisle again.
i hope every girl gets to live her dream wedding with her dream man.

hehehe your love for samik surely shines out all ways .. and is a constat hope for me that my love will be some where and he will totally be commendable. when couples argue i think that is outta love too,!

facelift... golly gosh! i am red now. wearing all red today too :D
i already feel so much of love.
i think i will sob
sniff sniff!

p.s. that note of working about the tags. taken :) thank you for guiding!

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

You have earned yourself a reputation. If it is a post by 'Americanising Desi' it is going to be interesting. :)

Great concept. Love the blog.


Jinxed Pixie said...

wonderfully wondeful...
like all your other posts...

Anonymous said...

Luscious Lips Sealed,
did i mention my love for you?
i dunno how else can i play with words to make you go red :D just the way i am right no!

thank you dearest!
for you always boom me :D in a good way hehe

Jinxed Pixie
awwww thank you honey bunny! :)