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Putting on sexy lingerie boosts your body image and bolsters how beautiful you are. Even the most conservative girls may admit to feeling more sensual wearing silk instead of flannel to bed. Yes to an extent the whole dish dosh is about stirring in men the eroticism that surpasses all other reasons but the real element is feminine confidence that outshines superficial comparisons and makes a woman believe in her unique and enticing internal and external beauty.

Men indeed are drawn by the erotic glow of sexuality but the confidence too, thus, looking good for our man in the bedroom is an integral part of the whole romance glam. What I personally feel about lingerie is that, it makes me feel incredibly sexy, incredibly wanted and just so loved. They will say I am mad, but I say 'I am crazy about me'. I do go out of my way to buy me satin sheets and I sleep alone on it. I don't have to show my femininity off all the time!

The feel of smooth satin and sexy lace against my skin makes me tingle with pleasure. I can imagine how out of his mind my partner will be if he sees me so confident carrying it off.

A sexy piece of lingerie does marvel for a woman's confidence, as well as impress her man. I can see me clad in a black suit, really professional on the outside and beneath the layers clad in ultra sexy lingerie making me all so feminine with the right balance of professionalism, and when I get home to a man waiting like a lion to be served in his den, ooh boy my mind is on a roll…

Girls, there is nothing worse than buying lingerie which is totally unfit for your body type. Bits squishing out from here and there, baggy, too tight or too loose is just not the key to confidence booster or highlighted body image.

Garters are just for tall women. They accentuate the impression that the long legs run up to the armpits. It is a sexy lingerie staple but not all women should go there.

A voluptuous, big-busted girl needs a corset support to bring out her cleavage in a very naughty yet noticeable manner. Corsets were designed to minimize the waist and flatten the stomach but also giving the body the right proportions.

A sexy little negligee, suits more voluptuous women and hides a mass of sins. A baby doll teddy will easily hide a big tummy or butt, and you can feel at ease knowing you still look beautiful showing off other assets. Strictly for married women who are tired of giving birth after birth. No single girls should get naughty now.

Sexy boy shorts add curves to an athletic figure and accentuate a great butt. They are explicitly for nice bottoms, as they draw all the attention there due to their horizontal lines and broad cut. Strictly for athletically slim girls.

I can never do without a robe, because the feel of satin blows my mind off. It adds mystery too to what lies beneath the surface.

Girls do keep in mind:

* Nothing should cling to parts you prefer were hidden, such as a big belly or thighs. Loose and flowing fabric enhances curves but doesn’t stick and should be picked for better femininity and confidence.

* Always enhance and draw attention to the best assets, be it her breasts, bottom, legs, tummy or shoulders. But decide on which is it. If you are too confused ask but don’t predict.

* Dark colors are slimming, while light colors draw attention to potential bulges. Kapeesh?

* If you are short you can gain length by having slits in the sides of gowns and negligees. Truly that adds to so much drama.


Be sure that you own the basic colors; white, red and black. Blondes look great in pastel colors, but brunettes need stronger colors to set the flame on, like emeralds and sapphires. Redheads are set off by green, blue and earthy tones.


I prefer lace or satin any day. There is a range to choose from when buying lingerie, such as lace, satin, silk, cotton, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), leather, lycra, and velvet. Lace, satin and silk are considered “safe purchases” because they are very feminine, not too wild or over-the-top and feel beautiful on the skin. Cotton is a tad boring, though there are some lovely pieces available in this fabric. Cotton is what women buy for themselves to wear every day, and I still don’t, so to buy it for something special is a little against the point. Don’t go near Cotton Please.

PVC is daring, though it can be difficult to find it in the right size, as it’s not a very flexible material and can produce bags and sags in all the wrong places. Lycra is very tight and bulges can be a bit too obvious, so beware. Velvet is also very nice on the skin and can be very sexy, making it also a reasonably safe choice. Lastly, when deciding on the lingerie’s fabric, always touch it before buying it; if you like it, only buy it then.

As a woman, you know how fabulous you feel on a good hair day. If you have wonderful pieces of lingerie don’t you think you will really be happier? Does the tight and ill fitting piece not get to you and your flesh? Do you not want to be comfortable?

Please own a sheer sexy nightwear, even if it is a pajama suit, every night could be a version of a good hair day then. It definitely gives you a better night's sleep. It is tried and tested.

Brands to Look Out For:

Sweet Nothings Lingerie


3 Wishes

Her Room

Chic Mystique

La Perla

Fig Leaves

Bare Necessities

Victoria's Secret

La Senza

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IcE MaiDeN said...

awesome!!! very informative.. now if ull excuse me.. ill go get some sexy lingerie.. hehehe... :)


Anonymous said...

hahaha... you sure do!

яノςんム said...

super sexy.. ;)

good work Seher!! :D


Ria said...

nice sexy post babe!! ;)

Anonymous said...

love to you allllllll ;)

Phoenix said...


just the post i was looking for simply awesome...

now seher can i make a small request please... since u are a pro at these.. can you like have a post where u talk about how to identify our correct size... what to wear.. and what lingre to wear with what clothes.. i think i need some help there...

i ll come back adn comment again.. right now my eyes hurt and im sleepy./.

this post is awesome!! simply out of the world... by far the best!! :)

kudos seher!!

Anonymous said...

hey Phoenix,
i could sure do that :)

and yes i think a fashion designer ought to know the sizing too!
i did give hints about the selection as per body shape and size in this post.
but how to determine the whole thing...
indeed i will shoot :D

DPhatsez said...

i know this is meant for the ladies but anyhoo!
Here's how i relate to the Sexy Lingerie: I LAIKE!! \m/

Of course i was initially clueless when my ex-gf wanted me to get her something special. Seeing how hopeless i was she took me along and explained the finer details just like you've done.
The knowledge i've gained will definitely be put to good use in future(fingers crossed!)

The money i spent on buying her those was the BEST BIT OF SPENDING i've ever done. ;) (if you know what i mean heh heh)

P.S. Liked the lion's den bit. Me and her are Leo's. Figure the rest ;)

Anonymous said...

ahhhh tht is indeed some information that will keep me high :D
and who says this is just for women ;)

Sumit said...

This is a bloody good tutorial for any jack out there who wants to get something really intimate for his girl!! Honestly, we guys are so damn clueless about it. We might like the look of it on the mannequin but have no clue how the lady would look in it.
Oh, n no better aphrodisiac than a woman confident of her self n body. With the confident woman, the game is more fun, less work n of course, demands high standards, presents challenge... all very stimulating!!

Anonymous said...

it takes a guy too much in love with his woman to pick the best for her :)
and i m serious!

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Satin is my thing! Lingerie, Night dresses to bed sheets, I love them on my soft skin all the time.

My mother was rather shocked when I expressed my desire for a pair of bright yellow lingerie. She thought it was most unusual to want yellow instead of red. I think red is boring. Experiment with the really bright ones. You can wear them with your colorful clothes. Summer is the best time for it, anyway.

Bits coming out from your Bra is so not a good sight. A good fit makes you feel on top of the world.

I Love my lingerie shopping and am extremely particular about it. It is one of the best buys for self. Indulge Spend Enjoy! :)


Sumit said...

@american desi: definitely true... but then r men, who simply have refined taste ;)

Shoe Girl said...

sexy! girl! u nailed the topic!!!!

sexy lingerie inside and high heels are my trick for a big meeting

muthu said...

wow.... wow.... wow....

it was a tricky topic but you honored the topic girl... of all i have read written by you....

this post was the most -- wow... really am out of words..

man... you hav jus earned yourself a fan... :)

AD said...

hahaha thanks Muthu!

boy o boy i m blushing :D