Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dreams Unlimited

Everyone likes to dream.....but what is that one dream that u see of most frequently? Do u have a recurring dream that u keep seeing from time to time!? If yes then what is it?? Have u ever tried to interpret what does that dream signifies? Do u believe that dreams have some significance or do u think that it is all just a figment of your imagination?? I believe in dreams, although i don't have a recurring dream as such, i do believe that dreams have significance in life. What was the most interesting/dreadful dream that u have ever seen?? Come on people, tell me your dreams!!

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Anonymous said...

oh i always interpret my own dreams and to a great extent it is accurate :)
i cant d it for others because i dont know what exactly is in their head and lives that impacts the dream.
i could do it for my love though, and he'd always say i am accurate. but no recurring dreams as such!

яノςんム said...

lolz.. i have weirdest of dreams. they make no senses. in one scene ill be home and as i set a foot out from my room, the scene changes to say my school or even kindergarten :D

jokes apart, though, i have daja vu at times and they turn out to be true..

Phoenix said...

oo i have those soothe me dreamz... day dreams that im talking about.. its either of me walking on a beach with samik.. which may be interpretted that i keeping looking back to a time when i was the happiest.. finding solace that is..

another one that is frequent is...of me owning my own space or moving out of town for my PG.. it may mean my desperation to succeed.. maybe im willing it to happen??

i dont know.. you tell em what you think about my dreamz?

Ria said...

@Americanising: Good for u, many ppl cant interpret their own dreams too. :) Btw i m the same too, but as u said even cant interpret other's dreams.

Ria said...

@Richa: Oh talk abt havin weird dreams!i used to get a lot of these when i was young, and the weirdest thing being tht they were so strange tht most of the times i cudnt even recollect wht the dream was like. However like u said i used to get those deja vu kinda dreams too at times!!

Ria said...

@Phoenix: I can so identify with ur dreams, i also used to get such dreams when my guy wasnt in Mumbai. But now that he is here, i hav almots stopped getting those kinda dreams.

Abt ur recurring dream i feel ur interpretation of it is correct, it cud b coz u want to break away from ur life tht u r havin now so that u can achieve wht u desire for.

LionessWithoutAPride said...

I dream about the present.
I dream about what happened in the near past, or what will be happening in the near future, with respect to what's happening in the present.
WHOA WHOA WHOA not in a freaky future-reading kinda way!
Basically, my sub-conscious takes in a lot from the world I see, and keeps me up to date at night.
As I'm a lucid dreamer, I remember most of my dreams the next morning. It's a HIGHLY amusing process for me, dreaming.. :)

As for recurring dreams, never had them. Guess I'm not plagued by anything. Apart from my own mind, that is. :\

muthu said...

hmhm.... I remember one specific dream... remember in your kinder garden days when you learnt the story of the 4 bulls and the lion.

when i learnt it... i always (was afraid of bulls at that time) used to get dreams associated with me being chased by bulls...