Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Men Oh Men

Men are like Laxatives ... They are meant to de-strain and yet lead to paralysis and irritable mood syndrome.

Men are like Bananas ... The more they are exposed to heat, the faster they stale.

Men are like Weather ... You can predict the rains cuz you see clouds in the morning but it could be deception.

Men are like Blenders ... You can buy them to ease you but in the end you have to put more manual effort.

Men are like Chocolate Bars ... Yummy, tempting, filling and just enough to smack your lips.

Men are like Commercials ... They make bigger claims than they can keep.

Men are like Department Stores ... You'll find everything about them in place with a price tag.

Men are like Government Bonds ... They never hit the spot.

Men are like Mascara ... They look sexy and hot but after a while they smudge the cloth.

Men are like Popcorn ... They keep you best company on the back seat of a theatre.

Men are like Snowstorms ... They will come short but will take you to a whole new level of thought.

Men are like Lava Lamps ... They make a woman ooze but prolonged exposure could give a rotten tan.

Men are like Parking Spots ... You have to keep an eye out for the best ones.

Men are like Ziploc Bags ... They are good with secrets but only in vaccum.

Men are like Shoes ... The perfect size is always out of stock.

Men are like Rubber bands ... They will stretch far out to pose an attitude but an undesired response of a woman could spring them back on all fours.

Men are like Tires ... They are reliable and will last a very long ride.

Men are like Subways ... You have to pick the ingredients to make them taste better.

Men are like Computers ... The upgrade is always slacky, be sure to keep a backup.

Men are like Lawn Mowers ... If you can run them, well and good or else they'll graze you off.

Men are like Stars ... Keep shooting at them and they will not shed a spark.

Men are like Maps ... The road to their heart is via the stomach but where is the heart and the stomach?

Men are like Bras ... The naughty ones are too see through and the naive ones are such a turn off.

18 blandishes:

Ms.R. said...

Whoa! This is now my guide to understanding men. ;)

Anonymous said...

hehe. i actually had to set my mind cells loooooze!

яノςんム said...

lolz.. yeah.. i gotta concur totally :D

Ria said...

oh thats so so true!! :P Good job babe!! :)

Harshita said...

haha...that must have been a lot of thinking :)

Anonymous said...

truly a lot of thinking!!!

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

LOL. The 'a lot of thinking' and experience shows.

Loved it. Agree with most of it.


Anonymous said...

we could all have our set of men are :D

sanely insane said...


Anonymous said...

and why would you stick your tongue out?

sanely insane said...

well cause its a naughty post...and while it is true in a way...it is true only in the naughty sense

and :P is the smiley when i'm being/feeling naughty

so there


Jinxed Pixie said...

haha...nice one..

Phoenix said...

o i so agree...

super duper post!!

a guide to knwoing men better!! :)

Anonymous said...

and a reason to love em :D

Kraxpelax said...

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R3d3MpTioN said...

I don't know about the guide thingy.... But it sure as hell gives a new perspective to us, about us...! Nice post

Anonymous said...

awww this is a positive way to look :D

muthu said...

hmhm... if not funny it would have been a bit prejudiced if I may say so.

I dont know .. hmhm .. for a sec, I felt like..... hey this is exactly like the same shit that guys cook up about girls when passing randy comments....

but once again thinking about it.. why not ... girls do have their freedom of expression don't they....