Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Babe of the Week Anyone?

Was wondering if anyone is interested in playing Babe of the Week.

The way I think it is a celeb central for one babe.

She might be a member of Femme Fatale or someone, anyone of us knows of.

We'll tag her for a short and crisp interview and award her.

We pick our winner by weekend votes. By Saturday Evening we should have the name of a winner and we award her. Pick a name when you comment, if you want to go with this flow.

You all know the ingredients one needs to be labeled 'a babe' **smile!

She will have to give a short interview which will be posted on Femme Fatale and there will be an award she can paste on her blog which she receives from Femme Fatale.

Say what Babes?

25 blandishes:

Ria said...

Now thats a novel idea!! i think one person who is a babe is u! :) No i am not kidding, i truly feel its u. So there goes my vote.

AD said...

OMG Ria, lol are you always this big a darling :)
thanks for approving my idea and pushing me as a candidate ! xoxox

Ria said...

@AD: I said wht i felt!!if that makes me a darling...so be it. :P ;) U r welcome gurl!!

Ms.R. said...

That's an awesome idea! :D

Shoe Girl said...

AD... ur my babe!!!!

IcE MaiDeN said...

wow this is a cool idea. :)
i think everyone on dis place is a babe. :P no kiddin, :)

btw can anyone vote? :)
my vote wud then goto u n richa. :)


яノςんム said...

awesome idea.. My vote ill keep confident :D

oh n thnx Annie babes.. lots :) love ya :)

Anonymous said...

awesome idea!!!

id vote seher and richa

AD said...

Annie thank you so much hunz :)

Ria, ahhh well my pleasure my dear!

Phoenix, mwah

Richa, you are keeping it confidential?

Shoe Girl, can you feel my smiles? I am all smilesssssssssssssss :D

Ms. R, thank you! I feel good about trend setting ;)

ANWESA said...

my vote goes out n out to AD.she's a perfect mystery woman 4 me n so i'll vote 4 her.:D

AD said...

this is indeed a big big HONORRRRRRRRRR :D

AD said...


яノςんム said...

Oh is it working this way??

all right, my vote to Seher and Raka both :D

яノςんム said...

:D thnx raka babes :)

Pree-yea.... said...

Hey Seher, This is one novel Idea....!! I vote for you, 'cause I think you totally fit the bill..!! :)
Well, and also cuz i don't know many people from this part of blog world..!! :)
Keep rockingg..!!

AD said...

Richa, I am humbled my love!
The voting is opening until Saturday morning after which we all will decide :)

Pree-yea, oooooooh fit the bill!! classsssssssssy babes very classy :D
you will get to know hunz, they are all awesome .. hugs!

Miss Sunshine said...

hey, what an amazing concept. :)
and, can we vote for people outside this blog?

AD said...

Miss Sunshine,
it is mentioned in the very beginning "She might be a member of Femme Fatale or someone, anyone of us knows of."

i think that should answer your question!

Constructive Attitude said...

i nominate myself.



or am i?

Harshita said...

kaafi achcha idea hain :)

Dekhtey hain iss week ki babe-ji kaun hain...LOL :P

Phoenix said...

i think seher wins hands down.... :)

no competition there....

AD said...

hey Phoenix :) patience, still three days to go!

Falling Up said...

great idea. :) I can't wait to see the future babes of the blogging world :)

AD said...

you too can vote :)

AD said...

my Vote goes to RICHA :D