Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prevention is always better than cure

I do recall a post on Femme Fatale regarding the subject, but I'd like to share a little more of the wide curse of Breast Cancer.

Safe & Sound

It’s the most common cancer to affect women, but not many of us realize that whilst five percent of all breast cancer cases are hereditary, 90 percent of cases are due to lifestyle choices. Breast cancer has affected many celebrities, including Kylie Minogue and Cynthia Nixon, who have both spoken openly about their battle against the disease. Caused by the uncontrolled growth of breast cells, whilst you can’t change your genetic makeup we reveal the steps you can take to minimize the risks….

1 Check your bra:
Women who wear tight-fitting bras 24 hours-a day-are 125 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who do not wear bras at all. And wearing the wrong bra stops the lymphatic system from flowing freely, so make sure you’re wearing the correct size and take it off at night. I know women who just don't listen and I wonder why, what is it that tight fitting has with their psyche I am just to discover.

2 Go Organic:
Non-organic foods are often loaded with chemicals which cannot be washed of, and only about 20 percent of the chemicals in fruits and vegetables are on the surface, while the remainder lies inside the plant. Did you know that most of the feed our chicken and cattle are fed are mixed with chemicals? And the field on which the fruits and vegetables grow? you know how it is treated right? WASH WELL WHAT YOU EAT. Never cut and Wash, Always soak em well before you cut a vegetable or fruit.

3 Get Active:
Regular exercise is a protective factor against breast cancer - it helps keep weight and fat levels down. Aim to exercise at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes.

4 Breastfeed Your Babies:
Women who have their first baby above the age of 30 have a slightly increased risk of breast cancer. Researchers say factors such as the earlier a woman has her first baby, along with breastfeeding, help to lower the risk.

5 Kick the Habit:
Older women who puff on cigarettes may be more likely to develop breast cancer than women who have never smoked.

6 Check Your Breasts:
Women from the age of 20 upwards should carry out a self-examination once a month.

The key risk factors…
• Being a woman
• Getting older - it’s a sad truth that your chance of getting cancer increases with age
• Having a family or previous history of breast cancer
• Being overweight
• Consuming more than one alcoholic drink per day
• Using birth control pills
• Having started your periods before the age of 12
• Having no children, having your first child after 35, or not breast feeding your children
• Having particularly dense breasts or a high bone density.

The good news
The positive side is that the techniques for detecting breast cancer and the treatments for tackling it are improving every year.
Awareness is spreading and more lives are being saved.
Make sure you and your friends protect yourselves too by knowing all the facts.

Please love yourself. There is no love better than self love.

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Ria said...

great post babe!!that sure was very informative. Every woman shud read this.

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i did say int he comment section of the previos post about breast feeding..
its good to talk about it to exchange view points and facts..
this increases awarenes.. after all we r gonna take care of oursleves :)


Harshita said...

good post and small n simple to-do things.

Thanks for sharing this.

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Great piece of Information. Thanks for sharing :)

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kudos to you seher... its wonderful to see you bring diversity to our femme.. where each post is distinctly different from the other.. and very enlightening too!! :)

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very informative!

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i want women to be ALERT!