Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's Your Color Style?

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There are three dimensions of color: hue, value and intensity.

Each dimension is important when selecting clothes that are slenderizing.

is the actual name of a color. Some colors, like red, yellow and orange, seem to project a feeling of warmth. Warm colors are advancing. They tend to make you appear closer and increase your apparent body size. Colors like blue, green and purple, seem to project a cool feeling. They tend to recede and decrease your apparent body size.

Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. Light attracts the eye, therefore, lighter colored garments will cause the wearer to appear larger than medium to dark shades of a color.

Intensity is the range of color from bright to dull. When wearing garments of intense colors the wearer will seem to appear larger.

The warmth or coolness of a color, its value and intensity all work together to produce an infinite number of colors which is perceived by the eye of the looker. With these facts in mind, you have a variety of choices to make yourself appear pounds thinner, all of us want to appear shapely and there is no denial to that.

Color can be used to emphasize some features and draw attention away from others. Yes there is a science that makes a color work for you, on you:

* To appear smaller choose a cool color in a medium value and a less intense color for large areas of your clothing. However, if you want to use warm colors in your wardrobe, select shades of warm hues instead of intense values. (example: Select rust instead of orange; maroon instead of pink.)

* If you like bright warm colors, use them as accents at the neckline or in your accessories. You might select a scarf or pin or collar which is emphasized because it contrasts with the different value and intensity of your outfit.

* Red may be your favorite color and it is becoming to you. Select a red blouse that will be worn under a gray or navy suit. The red around your face will keep the focus on your face rather than your not-so-perfect figure. One-color outfits are generally slimming. When wearing two shades in one outfit, select with care. Use the darker shade in the area you want to de-emphasize. The lighter shade can be used to balance the larger areas.

* An important factor to consider about color is to select colors that are becoming to you. People with warm personal coloring will be more flattered by colors with warm (orange or yellow) undertones. People with cool personal coloring will be more flattered by colors with cool (blue or red) undertones.

I never knew a girl who was ruined by a COLOR. Let it not Ruin You.
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