Thursday, January 1, 2009

We Are Here to Stay!!

So finally, the Femme Fatale is open and out. This is an all girl blog, where we, the buddies, gonna hang out, gossip, rant, make revelations and confessions, share fashion and beauty tips and recipes, discuss love and relationships spices and woes, to be naughty and mischievous. We are here for fun with no strings attached, so leave behind your tensions and fatigue, sit back and relax this is going to be one fun ride. But hey, dont mistake us with beauties without brains, there will be enough to tickle your grey matter as well.

We will speak our mind without any fear or withholding anything, so beware of what you read, and read at your own risk. We are here to express ourselves un-censored. But, we do not intend to be rude or abusive to anyone. So if you are here, be ready to read and see things, the all girl way. We are naughty, we're nice, we're bitchy and kind, we're wicked and funny and spicy too. So look out here we co

16 blandishes:

Richa said...

I am loving the blog :D

Harshita said...

And I love the post...Finally we have an
all-girlie thing up here. :P

Its gonna be loads of fun... and am glad we are un-censored ;)

Phoenix said...

o man!! cant believe that finally we are here... :)

world look out!! here we come!!

Mads said...

a lovely template and a rocking introduction
im gonna follow this blog \:d/
i need those beauty instructions :(( :P
congrats to u sure this blog is gonna rock :-D
happy new year to u girls...

abhishek said...

yo nari shakti!!

yamini meduri said...


the theme itself sounds to be great...!!!

keep going girls...!!!


Sneha said...

Nari shakti mi y kon ayaya hehe
mast blog hai.:)

Sakshi said...

you got a follower!!
i absolutely luuurve the template.. ooohhhh:)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog world!its so nice and girlie gals! I have already followed you-may you go places:))))))))))))))Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Harshita said...

@ Mads
Thanks my dear Pagli mads...

Meri beauty tips se tumhey zarur faayda hoga...hahaha ;) I think I wud leave that job to the very talented team here.

Abhi tum aati jaati toh rahogi yahan pey...apna hi ghar samajhna...hahaha

Harshita said...

@ Abhishek
Yeah! Yeah Naari Shakti :) Here we come.

Harshita said...

@ yamini

Lets see how it turns out to be :) Uhuh! I am so optimistic though :).

Gal power does rock!! Yipee!!

Harshita said...

@ Sneha
Thank you hain wadda waala... humaari team ki taraf se. :)

Harshita said...

@ Sakshi
Hope you love the blog as much as you love the template...:) Thanks.

Harshita said...

@ Mithe

Thanks with wonderful writers like Raka, Anwesa and Richa, am sure this blogz gonna go places..wat say?

Hemanth Potluri said...

hi to all :)..