Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spreading my wings!!

i want to run
don't clip my wings
i want to skip,dance and sing
don't just bind me and hold me back.

i want to run
with the wind in my hair

the sun on my face,

throwing caution to the air

dont just bind me and hold me back.

let me dream
feel happy within
let me sore above the mountain high
trust me for i will never let you cry.

love is stronger
than unspoken shackles
faith and trust makes it formidable.
no one can escape
the clutches of love
so take heart and be calm
don't just bind me and hold me back

i need to think

and breathe free
i want to love and still be me.
i want all this and still be yours if only you let me

7 blandishes:

Harshita said...

Spread ur wings and fly high :)

Reminds me of my favourite song "I am like a bird by Nelly furtado"... How about making it the theme song of the blog for ur post... let me do that...

Richa said...

b.e.a.u.t.i. ful buddy :)

applaude applaude!!

yamini meduri said...


wat can i say about such a wonderful piece of work...???

awesome dear...keep your pen writing our feelings..!!!

good luck..!!!

Amrita~Ams said...

beautiful ...
thxs raka..hope so it ll work...

Anonymous said...

nice-lovely poetry:)

Ria said...

nice poem babe!lets rock. :)

Mads said...

lovely poem. damn nicely written \:D/