Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fighting Holiday/Vacation Hangover.

So, Christmas is over and so is the new year party you had last nite. Time to get back to work/school/college. Time for a reality check.

Okay! so you did binge, you did drink and dance till your feet and spirit gave up. Great! Now what??

Damn! Itz so tuff to get back to the normalcy and monotony of life once the beautiful holiday dream bids adieu...But..But...itz not impossible. With some easy-to-be-happy tips we can get back to the groove :)

I thought why not discuss some of them here. Here are some holiday-hangovers(as we call it) and some tips to beat them :

1. Food and Weight : Aha! the chocolate ice-cream was delicious, so was the Pizza and Chicken but that was too expensive for your weight. :)... No worries. You can fix it in few weeks. On an average a person gains from 1-2 kgs of weight on holiday binging, so no need to get panicked. You need to alter a few things in your daily routine and its all back on the track.

- Water Therapy : Drink 7-8 glasses of water. Now when it is winter season, you need water more than ever. I recommend HOT water, it helps in digestion as well as weight loss.So drink the most wonderful zero calorie drink. :)

- Eat Healthy : We all have our own definitions of healthy food. All I would say is fruits, veggies should be there but make sure you indulge in more Vitamin C foods in winters, they help in increasing the immunity against infections. Don't eat after 7:30pm and don't ever miss breakfast.

- I Love Stairs Therapy : Walk to office if its near and avoid lifts, give urself a STAIR-challenge for a week and trust me, you will feel great abt it when you will find people following you on it.

- Don't Starve yourself : Eat nuts like almonds 5-6 in numbers or Bhooney Chaney when you feel hungry. Best snack is a Fruit like Apple or even a pack of peanuts(without salt).

- Walk : Take your pet for a walk, watch the kids play in the park while you walk or catch up on your favourite music and take a walk for 30-40 minutes every morning or evening as per your comfort.

2. Eye bags and Dark Circles : Cucumber is the best for eyes. Keep slices of cucumber on your eyes and relax for 10 mins. Alternatively, you can always freeze some rose water in your ice-tray and then rub those rosewater cubes on your eyes, it helps a lot. Also, there are some really good exercises for the eyes that we'll discuss in coming posts. Also, you can always hide ur dark circles under a concealer and if you hve dark circles avoid Kohl, go for eyeliners on upper lid of your eye.

3. Bad Hair : I know when we celebrate, we literally let our hair down. They need help after a party or holiday. Give them good conditioning with Henna or Curd Pack. Also, u can use warm coconut/mustard/almond oil with 2 drops of lemon in it to massage your hair before you wash them. You will get a really good shine after that.

4. Painful Legs : Soak urself in a hot water bath and apply a really good aroma-based lotion to your feet and legs.

5. Work : Getting used to work/skools/college after a long holiday is like beating the Monday-blues. I suggest, extend ur leave by a day and arrange for all the stuff you would need in office and avoid attending to your formal life a day after partying for new year. Stay home, rejuvenate, plan and leave for work the next day with a fresh outlook and a great smile.

6. Okay, I think I forgot stomach trouble : A remedy for it is to bite into some nimboo ka achaar or you can put green chilli seeds (5-6) in a spoon of honey and take it with warm water.

Hope these tips help you to get back to being the energetic-self.

You can also ask us for other holidy disasters that we missed on and we will try and get the answers from our personal experiences.

Wish you a beautiful New Year from the team here at FEMME FATALE. Ciao!

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Richa said...

wooooh.. this is wat is actually needed boss!!

gr8 job puttin up those tips :)

Phoenix said...

uff too good... this is just what i need....

off to a kick start :) and what a start my god!

Sneha said...

hey nice tips.:)

Hemanth Potluri said...

i thought this blog can be read by guys also :P...hehe..just kiddin..will give this blog to my future gf also :)..nice start by u guys :)..and the anthem rocked :P...keep blogging gals..congrats on ur new blog :)..happy new year to u all :)..keep smiling :)...the template color matches ur thoughts :)...all the best...:)...


Mads said...

great, touch wood i had none of these headaches :-ss although stomach trouble ke liye i used to always hv a tuff time(u know when that dreaded time of the month comes :P)i will try wat ur saying :-ss \:D/
nice post :D
i love ur template (im sounding like a parrot but i cant help repeating myself :P)
:D :D :D :D \:D/

Phoenix said...

@mads im gald u liked the template.. i rather thought girls will be up in arms hating it :)

Phoenix said...

yeah u can read and learn... it cant hurt getting in touch with ur feminine side can it? :P

Harshita said...

Thanks... ;)

Harshita said...

I am glad if it helps ;)

Harshita said...


Harshita said...

@Pagli Mads
Hehe... thanks for loving the template... itz all PINK... ;)