Saturday, January 3, 2009

5 things a gal likes in a guy

Every gal wants the following in a guy:
1-understanding- but should provide some personal space(where were u last night ?-is a strict no).
2-friendly-but only with his gal
3- rich- but not money minded
4-honest - but must never say "u look terrible today" to his gal
5-good looks- but should not overshadow his gal at any cost

**there are so many things a gal likes in a guy,
but everywhere a tag called-CONDITIONS APPLY**

9 blandishes:

Richa said...

juz perfect :D

Lena said...

sense of humor?
goes somewhere in place2 or 3 for me :P

Anonymous said...

great! right mix of humour and emotion...:)

abhishek said...

the thought for the day is not visible

Anonymous said...

Rich ? What if guy is not rich but has good heart, doesnt he stand any chance ?

Phoenix said...

rich guy for me doesnt work... he maybe poor but should be a genuine guy.. moreover i think he must be able to stand on his own and by that i mean, he should be confident, can fend for himself.. is NOT mama's boy etc

Harshita said...

Well I loved these conditions. :)

They are true for sure but hard to find.

I think when u earn well and u r intelligent enuff, you have every right to ask for what u deserve especially when it comes to a rich guy...lollzz

Mads said...

sense of humour bhi chahiye hume :P and lots of other things, but yeah the above mentioned are a must
hey a suggestion to anwesa(i like ur name btw) when u post, try not to use sms lingo. like for today u wrote 2de. doesnt make a good read.
good post :P

Shekhu said...

nice one can find a quite similar post on same topic in my blog :P heehee