Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lipgloss and chapstick

Yes, it is a girly blog. This is a girly post. All the way, baby!!

I have lost track of the number of chapsticks I have.

Apple, Strawberry, watermelon, Mango, Mixed fruit, Lichi, Vanilla, Mint, Classic...Heck, you even get Cola and Mirinda flavours now!!

Lipstick is more for the 'occasion'. You can't wear lipstick to college. But gloss? Sure!

It's there, but it isnt. That's what makes it so girly. Mysterious but flirty at the same time. It's chic. It's cute. It's definitely HOT.

Life without it?


So, to all the girls of this blog- authors, readers and followers, this is my gift to you>>

The get to look at pretty girls. THAT is rewarding enough. And if you're lucky, you even have one of these wonderful people to call your own!


6 blandishes:

Phoenix said...

i swear by lip gloss too :) they are slurpilicious... and strawberry is my favourite....

i agree lipstick one cant really wear everywhere but gloss works just fine... :) its a must have for all girls... and who knows some lucky guy can sample it as well :P

*wink* *wink*

divinediu said...




Richa said...

yaaayy... yummmy lipglosses ;)

i dun say it, ive heard ;)
thnx diu :D

divinediu said...


Harshita said...

I am more of a lip balm person... I love BodyShop lip balms (flavoured) and also MAC lipglass(as they call it) rocks!!

Mads said...

yes yes i agree. im not a fan of lipstick at all !!!
my favourite is strawberry \:D/