Thursday, January 22, 2009

What women want?

This is an excerpt one of Richa and my regular chats, the topic was rahter interesting and im hoping the girls will add their own pointers and guys will just note them down.mind you never before will you ever get to read such secrets thus revealed! A Femme Fatale exclusive!! :D

Raka: what do you think,we girls want in our guy?
want as in desires and expectation and wishes ?

Richa: foremost presentable

Raka: he should take care of himself

regular bath is a must

Richa: hehe

Raka: :D

Richa: n as in shave

Raka: a must

Richa: depends if i like him more in thorns

Raka: but wont that be rather scratchy?

Richa: then skipping shave is tolerable

Raka: i like my guy clean shaven..makes him look cute melts my bones
u know what i mean :P

Richa: some guys look better with thorns
yeah i now

Raka: my hrithik roshan

Richa: but i like him more in thorns

Raka: what do you think of chest hair?

Richa: :D
i juz go mad over them

Raka: o yea
i second you on this one
but not if they are like akshay kumars like a forest

Richa: i find them most appealin in men

Raka: nice sprinkles peeping from shirt lapels are cool

Richa: say anil kapoor is forest

Raka: yeah yea
dense growth is a no no

Richa: amitabh bachchan in silsila looks so sexy

Raka: ooooooo yeah
i think i guy should know what looks good on him
like some guy to flaunt their physique wearing skin tight tees
i hate them

Richa: i hate that kinda species

Raka: broad men should wear shirts in checks with some buttons undone and sleeves rolled up
what say?

Richa: perfect for me

Raka: and smell?
what should he smell like?

Richa: not very strong
some sexy mild smell

Raka: id say smelly feet are a sure turn off and sure enough is a week old stench of undies and body wanting a bath

Richa: i love his smell

Raka: yeaaaaa
i second you...
some guys just bath in deo n perfumes
they should be subtle

Richa: ewe

Raka: n still on smells
mouth freshner

Richa: yeah

Raka: no onions for lunch/dinner if u r hoping for that kiss
Richa: the smell should b mild

Raka: yup!
lets talk about attribues of a man

Richa: yeah
i hate men who thread their eyebrows

Raka: yew
thats so girlie
i like them the way they are

Richa: n that makes them look even worse

Raka: there is a raw appeal to them

Richa: yeah
n see our choices match

Raka: truely
hmm what do u look for in a guy richa?

Richa: as in nature?
he has to b witty
in the first place
n then
he must treat girls as equals

Raka: absolutely
this one is a MUST

Richa: i don't like pampering much

Raka: yeah but we need it sometimes right?
like once in a blue moon?
coz my bf hardly bothers now that he knows im there for sure
i hate that
as in guys taking girls for granted once they know she is going to be there
the effort should be there throughout

Richa: the guy shudnt take the girl for granted and vice versa

Raka: yep!

Richa: i want him to be talkative

Raka: like you

Richa: i aint na

Raka: huh?
:O :D

Richa: no way!

Raka: yeah you are the tigress
waiting to pounce
Richa: lolz
i'm lioness btw
i m leo by birth

Raka: hehe
i want him to be funny yet reserved
i mean i hate guys who loose talk
and crack dumb jokes and say silly stuff

Richa: yeah
i mean no senseless crap

Raka: yeah

Richa: :D

Raka: u know
i always wanted to fall in love with a friend
but once he became a bf
i would want him to treat me like a lady
no fooling aroudn hitting me or whatever

Richa: yeah
it happens
like wen u r frnz u can do silly things
but wen u go beyond being frnz
things change

Raka: yeah true

i hope we have given you a decoded excerpts from a woman's mind...more to follow..but not untill the next time...hope you enjoyed it!

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Richa said...

lolz raka, but still u have missed some exceptionally gr8 things we talked bout :D

yamini meduri said...

nice conversation...!!!

Amrita~Ams said...

heheh..ya but true clean shave is must :P

Ria said...

he he nice convo girls!!gave quite an insight on wht women want to c in men. :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

my my!! and they say guys discuss gals all the time.. :P

Crescentia Kalpana David said...

h abt a good sense of humour, kindness, flirtatious n some really naughty ideas ;)

Mystique Wanderer said... can make out a teen bopper blog from miles away :P

i once wrote a story 'what men want' u could find it on my blog called callmesmith

neways interesting perspective...i go with hugo boss original...quite the subtle thing..can't make out u have it on...till like ure just inches away

Princess Mia said...

hey babes, i didnt know u had this blog...but good one eh....n hey i was thinking may be i can ask the powerpuff gals to cover 'what men want' cos to be honest deep down in r hearts we all know what we want...we freaking dont understand what men want on a speciual request heheh

उन्मुक्त said...

काश, मैंने इस चिट्ठी को ४० साल पहले पढ़ा होता।

कृपया वर्ड वेरीफिकेशन हटा लें। यह न केवल मेरी उम्र के लोगों को तंग करता है पर लोगों को टिप्पणी करने से भी हतोत्साहित करता है।

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Yo guys... linked to you from Blogbharti! Good piece of advice, especially with V-Day approaching! :) Keep 'em coming!

Karthik Murali said...

hey.. that was a damn good post. was really informative , despite the fact that it was sometimes , a few points were conflicting between u 2...

btw , check out one of my earlier posts on Understanding a woman , and drop in ur comments :)