Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why should boys have all the fun?

PC (Priyanka Chopra) smiles at me showing those pearly-whites on TV , playing smart and saying,"Why shud boys have all the fun?"... Well to be true, I feel no one has as much fun as the gals these days ;)

We have the world falling on our feet literally... Nopes am not being arrogant... Naah! Naah! I, the woman, am not arrogant.

We are shining bright and we are sought after.

Advertising industry has taken a complete turn when it comes to portraying women:

*You have the punchlines changed from "6 hafto mein gora banaaye" to "POWER OF BEAUTY".

*You have a gal funding her father's badi-gaadi ka sapna in a bank's publicity ad.

*You have a father saving for the education of the gal child in another which earlier showed a dad saving for her marriage.

*A leading liqour company is coming up with new series of vodkas to please women exclusively. ;)

Damn! I feel so elated to see US shining... We are everywhere, we are CEOs of the organizations, we are ruling film business,we are ruling the health and beauty industry, we are towering people in IT now. OMG, I am so happy for us.

Men are advised to use AXE, Fairness Creams and what not just to land an impression on their women. ;) The whole perspective is changing gradually.

Sex is no taboo for women to talk about. Long gone are the days when women used to give in to what came their way. Now, they demand, they explore and they call the shots too.

Things are changing and I hope they are for good. I feel blessed that my family educated me as much I wanted to study and I know there are many who are still caught up in the low-side.
I know we still have a long way to go... but I am glad atleast we have started walking in the right direction.

For once, I wanted to say that women are not all about crying and pain. We have moved on. We have evolved and We are here to conquer the world. :) Enough of blame game and enuff of crying behind the curtains. Optimism wins it all at the end.

Kisi mere jaisi Punjaaban ne kaha hain :

"Bas ek kadam badaaney ki baat hain, raastey khud-ba-khud ban jaatey hain. Manzil par kadi nazar rakhney waaley hi ant mein jeet paatey hain".

Let's Keep Walking!!

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yamini meduri said...

nice post...!!

something that makes every girl to be happy about..!!!

peter said...

nice blog wid so many mssgs !!

and yeah bout the post no gals aren't weaker they are walking shoulder to shoulder with guys...!

Amrita~Ams said...

"Men are advised to use AXE, Fairness Creams and what not just to land an impression on their women. ;) The whole perspective is changing gradually.""

i realized today :P:P women power...

i m very happy to read this.....gr8 blog..
kudos :) :)

cheer :D!

Sam said...

i hope this awakening of women reaches out in rural areas as well, as most of the violence and heinous crimes on women happen in villages owing to illiteracy and age old worn out customs!!!

divinediu said...

thats the way

ahan ahan

i like it!!


Phoenix said...

well done harshi... this is one meaningful post!! :)

i second you on this one... and thanks for bringing this up :)

kudos girl!

Ria said...

amazing post and very well written!go girl. :) Keep up the good work.

Richa said...

ooh i so loved the post n woder how did i miss it!!

Mads said...

lovely post n it's so true \:d/ girls now rule the world, its such a contrast from what they were just ages ago.
:"> proud to be a girl.

Harshita said...

@ Yamini
Thanks... :)

Harshita said...

@ Peter
Aaho! msgs toh badey saarey hain... koi faayda ho unsey toh baat baney :)

Thankooo... tareef karney ke liye... aur sabko bataa do ki mainey tumhey paisey nahi diye yeh kehney ke liye... hahaha

Harshita said...

@ Ams
I am happy u read this one and it made u happy... ;)

Harshita said...

@ Sam
Well me hope too, but I think education will play an imptt role there.

Harshita said...

@ Divinediu
aha! ahan!

Harshita said...

@ Raka
Thank u hain Raka ji...

Harshita said...

@ Richa
Hota hain hota hain.. life mein achchi cheezein kabhi kabhi der se milti hain.. par mil jaati hain...hahahaha

Harshita said...

@ Pagli Mads
ME too proud... ;) tu badi sweet hain saari posts padd daali ek din mein :P

Sachin Ramesh said...

We have the world falling on our feet literally...

I liked this sentence as it is very true. Within a short span of time Girls rised from dust to sky. Current studies and researches show that the Future is Female. Though I am a man, I agree that we guys have already fell on Women's feet. Congrats Girls for being such a powerful and masterpiece creation of God