Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Must Haves: Inside the Handbag

Hey Girls,

This time, we bring you the list of contents you must have inside your handbag all the time.

  • Besides cash, plastic money, few coins are must have. You may require a rupee coin, to check your weight whenever you spot a weighing machine. ;)
  • Always carry your hair brush, sunscreen, kohl pencil, a lip blam and one gloss that may go with every dress.
  • A handful of cashew nuts and/or almonds work wonders for mood lifts and they are instant source of energy.
  • A pen/ pencil and a note pad may be useful when the need arises to note down a sudden design/ layout that comes across the way and may be useful.
  • Carry cotton dabs/ tissues for sure.
  • A tampon you know for emergencies (suggested by Harshi).

If you people have some ideas that have been missed out and count to must haves, add onto the list in the comment section.

9 blandishes:

Harshita said...

Well I would like to add a perfume,tampon and sunscreen to the list with an after-mint(why lose on a kiss...lol)

I loved the list BTW... :)

yamini meduri said...


i also carry a pencil but not just to note down something interested but also i use it tie my hir up when it irritates me...(by the way i have a very long hair...!!!

i also carry an additional hanky..!!!

i dont have any hair brush or a gloss ir any of such sort...!!! :D

Richa said...

@ Harshi
suggestion taken ;) and the after mint, well it depends who want to take it and who dont ;)

Richa said...

@ Yamini
the tissues serve the purpose of additional hanky here ;)
and if u dun have a lip gloss, get one soon, hurry :D n get one with a berry flavor n treat surprise ur boy frnd/ husband ;)

Phoenix said...

ya hankie and deo/perfume is a must... but tampoon ouccch!!! we can use its substitues... one must add safty pins,rubber bands and hair clips as well..keys are a must too and a small mirror to see if the kohl has smudged or not...face power wouldnt be bad as well...n yeah cell phone too.. now these are my must haves along with the ones you mentioned richa.. they are good... :)

Ria said...

hmm interesting list. And i hav all of them in my bag. :) hmm to add on, a perfume/deo and a hair clip (comes in handy). I wud also say a hand sanitizer (since i m very particular abt personal hygiene). :)

Mads said...

ohh cool list...mirror as raka has suggested...i cant live without my lip gloss :P also an extra pair of earrings in case u forget to wear one sometimes :P my friend carries an extra daily to college hehe...
nice post \:d/ :D

abhishek said...

apparently blue font on pink background doesn't make a good reading...plz change the font color, not that i'm curious to know wht should be in ur purses or not.

Priyanka Agrawalla said...

you can add red chilli powder pack also, in case someone wants to kidnap you!!!